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Seas of Vodari is a swashbuckling themed 3rd-party campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. It is set on a world that used to be normal, until a cataclysmic battle between the gods literally smashed the continents to splinters and raised the sea level, reducing the world to a mostly oceanic planet dotted with countless islands. The survivors of that cataclysm promptly shifted their culture to emphasize naval traditions, and the result centuries later is a world built around dashing explorers, swashbuckling pirates and sea monsters.

Official Description[edit]

Long ago, a vast continent was annihilated. The devastation left only a scattered few to start rebuilding their civilization on a ring of islands…

Vodari contains all of the iconic things you expect in a fantasy setting, but the familiar becomes surprising and new. Dungeons can be found above and below the waves, in the form of caves, shipwrecks, and lost temples. From island to island, you’ll find variety and wonders, ranging from bustling ports filled with travelers from distant lands to the unexplored wilderness, ruins, monsters, and other dangers. Halflings live in villages made of interconnected boats and anything that can float. Dwarves are respected shipbuilders, sailing the seas in search of relics from their sunken homeland and battling an enemy below in the Night War. Elves dwell high in the treetops and below the surface of the seas. Gnomes find themselves on opposite sides of a battle between machines and nature. Goblins are as likely to be encountered as raiders riding waveskippers as working as a tinkerer living in a city. Instead of land armies, Vodari has navies and pirates that battle with flintlocks and cannons to control the seas. The most dangerous monsters are found in the seas, such as sea dragons and white whales. Nature is as deadly as the most powerful monsters, with furious hurricanes, catastrophic tsunamis, and fiery volcanoes.

Playable Races[edit]

Vodari is home to all of the standard PHB races (minus some subraces, such as svirfneblin and duergar), plus the iconic goblinoids (goblin, bugbear, hobgoblin) and, at the DM's discretion, aasimar, aarakocra, tabaxi, genasi, goliaths, kobolds, lizardfolk, orcs, tritons and tortles. It's also home to six unique races:

Religion in Vodari[edit]

For obvious reasons, the gods are very important in Vodari; everybody accepts that they're real, although there's a tongue-in-cheek mention of atheists who are secretly being guided by Istoro. The Vodarian pantheon goes as follows:

Deity Alignment Suggested Domains Symbol
Aerako, god of wind and mischief CG Nature, Tempest, Trickery Gust
Aubori, goddess of nature and beauty CG Nature, Light Flower
Dokahi, goddess of the deep sea, epic poetry and monsters LE Nature Sea monster
Fortana, goddess of freedom and luck CN Knowledge, Trickery Coin
Istoro, god of wisdom and knowledge LN Knowledge Owl
Kalder, god of winter, survival and valor NG Death, War Snowflake tridents
Mirta, goddess of birth and death LN Life, Death Circle
Morto, god of necromancy and secrets NE Death Broken circle
Okeano, god of the sea and sea creatures CN Nature, Tempest Waves
Scatho, god of conquest and tyranny LE Knowledge, War Ram
Sindri, goddess of creativity and invention CN Forge, Knowledge Hammer
Taeva, goddess of civilization and war LG Knowledge, Order, War Three points
Tero, god of light, love and healing LG Life, Light Rising sun
Toamna, goddess of agriculture and fertility LG Life, Nature Grain
Vesi, goddess of chaos, storms and darkness CE Tempest, Trickery Swirling storm
Volkan, god of fire and destruction CE Death, Nature Volcano


Obviously, as a swashbuckling piracy themed setting, Vodari has a whole class dedicated to the Gunslinger, with the Arcane Gunmaster, Musketeer, Pistolero and Sniper subclasses. However, it also has at least one new subclass for each class from the PHB.

Beneath the Waves[edit]

You might be wondering: since this is a heavily sea-focused campaign setting, does it give any love to the idea of underwater adventuring, long regarded as the ultimate black sheep of the D&D adventuring world? Well, not so much in the corebook, although it does establish the existence of underwater kingdoms, but a splatbook titled "Under the Seas of Vodari" is scheduled for release in October 2021 that focuses on expanding the underwater realms of the drowned world, which are specifically divided into three regions; the Sunlit Seas, the Twilight Waters, and the Midnight Depths.

Currently, the book's teaser on Kickstarter is promising 12 new race options, including cecaelias, sea dragonborn, sea dwarves, grindylows, merfolk, selkies, sirens, tiburons and vodas, and 13 new subclass, including the Path of the Wild Seas, College of the Deep Dreamer, College of The Sunlit Seas, Ocean Domain, Circle of the Sea, Way of the Dancing Current, Oath of the Waves, Leviathan Hunter (Ranger), Dreadmask (Rogue), Scavenger (Rogue), and the School of Bloodbinding. There's also the promise of two more subclasses and a race called "The Ancients" being added if the Kickstarter reaches $45K.

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