Second Founding

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The Horus Heresy proved that, despite the Emperor's efforts, the Primarchs were not perfect; they could easily be led astray and fall to Chaos.

In order to prevent one man from gaining as much power as Horus had, the branches of the Imperial armed forces were separated, the Inquisition was founded, and the loyal Space Marine Legions were divided into Chapters of roughly one thousand Marines in accordance with the Codex Astartes.

The Second Founding was not universally accepted; the Space Wolves and Imperial Fists in particular objected to dividing their Legions, and the Imperium was nearly torn apart by another civil war. For better or for worse, Leman Russ was given an exemption to the Codex's requirements and Rogal Dorn finally relented, although the Black Templars have since grown their numbers to many more times the usual size - which is perfectly legal, since the Codex and the law allow "crusading chapters" to ignore the limitations due to the expectation of constant fatalities needing replacement. One must wonder how much less grimdark Warhammer 40K would be if the chapters realized that they are all technically crusading, and even if they weren't, the Great Crusade never officially ended, therefore... That could very quickly turn every little Astartes secession party, like the Badab War, into another Horus Heresy - or not, since all of the other Chapters would outnumber them even more badly than they did in the Badab War. Besides, they could always split up into more Chapters as "we're crusading but we want to show our sincere desire to avoid another Horus Heresy so we'll split our excess instead of keeping it", which would be a nice way around the limitations while the High Lords can only grit their teeth at their loss of control. 1st Edition even says the Chapters are self-sufficient and build their own wargear and vehicles and stuff, too, so everything a Chapter needs could possibly be built by the parent Chapter.

List of Second Founding Chapters[edit]

Dark Angels[edit]

According to The Unforgiven by Gav Thorpe, the Angels didn't get started with their Inner Circle and Fallen Hunting until some decades after the Second Founding so it may be possible that some of the Dark Angels Second Founding chapters are exempted from this practice and hierarchy. Since all twelve chapters were present at Cypher's revelation and that the majority of officers would have been veterans of the Horus Heresy and the Scouring, it's more likely that Unforgiven would been of one mind and joined willingly and any dissenting voices silenced or sworn to absolute secrecy. While much of the truth is lost to apocrypha and LIES, it does explain the Star Phantoms at least, as they might have been the Chapter where the Astartes who decided that the Fallen hunting affair would be dumb were allowed to join in exchange for vows of silence.

White Scars[edit]

Space Wolves[edit]

Imperial Fists[edit]

  • Black Templars
  • Crimson Fists
  • Soul Drinkers (sort of, it's a long story)
  • Excoriators
  • Fists Exemplar: Mostly destroyed by The Beast. The survivors were absorbed into the Imperial Fists, and by absorbed we mean constituted the majority of the successor donated Marines when the actual Imperial Fists were destroyed in that war under the Last Wall Protocol making all Imperial Fists successors technically Imperial Fists at the time, while a unit that lost contact in the fighting defected to the Iron Warriors minus one company which managed to return also joined the rebuilt Fists.
  • Iron Knights (found before Fourth Founding)

Blood Angels[edit]

Iron Hands[edit]


The Apocrypha of Skaros indicates that the Ultramarines sired 23 chapters, but doesn't name them all. The listed second founding chapters are given below:

The rest of the second founding Ultramarines have been added piecemeal as time goes by.

Also note that the Ultramarines "adopted" some of the loyalist forces from otherwise traitorous legions and permitted them to call themselves Ultramarine Second Founding chapters. More details can be found here.

The Scythes of the Emperor were the Ultramarines 199th Company on Sotha, who became the Ultramarines eleventh company as part of the second founding; Guilliman unofficially gave himself an extra company to guard the Pharos device, but after he was placed in stasis following his injuries at the hands of Fulgrim they were eventually rolled into their own chapter during the Third Founding.


None, as there weren't enough Salamanders left after the Horus Heresy to fill one Chapter, let alone two.

Raven Guard[edit]

Grey Knights[edit]

The Grey Knights were not created from any of the Space Marine Legions, as their gene-seed was specially created by the God-Emperor of Mankind himself and their founding members were hand-picked by Malcador the Sigillite; many of them were loyalists who had formerly been a part of a Traitor Legion (e.g. Nathaniel Garro, Garviel Loken, and Iacton Qruze all three were Knights-Errant and none of them ended up joining the Grey Knights in the end). They were founded to supply the newly-formed Inquisition with a strike force against future Chaos threats.


Some chapters have histories which stretch back to the Second Founding but have deliberately obfuscated their parent legion for one reason or another.

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