Seeker Cadre

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They will melt your hearts....literally...

Seeker Cadres AKA Witchseekers are the Sisters of Silence version of the Heavy Weapons Team. Just as the Sisters of Silence are called upon to hunt, they are also called upon to purge. This is where the Silent Sisterhood, really, REALLY start to resemble the Bolter Bitches. To this end, the Seeker Cadres of the Silent Sisterhood are deployed for the widespread purgation of opposing forces, condemned criminals, tainted Abhumans and other gene-threats, as well as the pacification of aggressive, rebellious or resistant crowds and bystanders.

Primarily equipped with flamers or more rarely assault needlers, their secondary tactical function is to deny rogue elements of escape routes, cut off avenues of ambush and prevent encirclement by often numerically superior opposition forces. Even within small detachments, the Seeker Cadres are deployed to prevent the interruption of the retrieval of the Imperial Tithe.

However, in such instances, they are often presented as a force intended to intimidate the related governing structures and population into compliance through fear rather than having to carry out the promise of death and fire they so obviously represent, though of course they never shirk from this dark duty when it becomes necessary.

Forces of the Sisters of Silence
Command: Excruciatus Cadre - Oblivion Knight-Centura
Troops: Null Maiden Cadre - Oblivion Knight Cadre
Prosecutor Cadre - Pursuer Cadre
Seeker Cadre - Vigilator Cadre
Vehicles: Grav-Rhino - Kharon Pattern Acquistor
Null-Maiden Rhino
Flyers: Valkyrie
Titans: Warlord-Sinister Pattern Battle Psi-Titan
Auxiliaries: Adeptus Custodes