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A white shark
Alignment Lawful Evil
Divine Rank 2E: Intermediate Deity
3E-5E: Lesser Deity
Pantheon Sahuagin
Portfolio Plunder, Hunting, Tyranny
Domains 3E: Evil, Law, Ocean, Strength, Tyranny, War
5E: Nature, Tempest
Home Plane Great Wheel: Sheyruushk (Baator)
World Tree: Fated Depths
Worshippers Sahuagin
Favoured Weapon Trident or Greataxe (varies between editions)

Not much is known about Sekolah. He exists more an elemental force of viciousness and brutality. He has no allies whatsoever, but neither is he singled out as weak and local fiends go out of their way to avoid him. Like an apex predator, Sekolah stalks the oceans of Baator looking for prey and will go to great lengths to stalk vast marine monsters to satiate his appetite.

It is in this aspect he is venerated by the Sahuagin race, their religion is one that is entirely fixated on consumption. Seeing Sekolah as the ultimate arbitrator over "That which Eats" and "That which is Eaten". His priests lead raiding parties and divide the spoils afterwards. However, Sekolah is a neglectful deity and rarely sends messages to his followers, he also rarely sends his avatars unless it is to join a hunt which is guaranteed success, so praying for his assistance in times of need would be a futile effort at best, or a dangerous sign of weakness at most. It is helped that his Clerics tend to be the smartest members of the community, where they rule by fear and demand regular sacrifices which get fed to the holy sharks that attend them at all times.

Though the Sahuagin have a specific hatred for Aquatic Elves, Morkoth, Lizardfolk and Tritons, this hatred does not appear to stem from their deity who appears to treat everyone as potential prey. However, Sekolah is directly involved in a war with Blibdoolpoolp, goddess of the Kuo-toa, a war which he seems to be winning either due to her madness, or the fact that the Sahuagin are so fecund and vicious that they can rely upon a nearly endless supply of willing fodder to participate in campaigns.

Sekolah was briefly mentioned in Fourth Edition as an "exarch" (essentially a lesser deity sworn to a greater deity) of Melora, a nature goddess, though this link was not expanded upon.

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