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Selune symbol.jpg
Aliases Bright Nydra, Elah, Lucha, the Moonmaiden, the Night White Lady, Our Lady of Silver, She Who Guides
Alignment Chaotic Good
Divine Rank Intermediate Goddess
Pantheon Faerûn, Hordelands
Portfolio Lycanthropes, the Moon, Navigation, Travellers, Quests
Domains 3E: Chaos, Good, Moon, Protection, Travel
5E: Knowledge, Life, Twilight
Home Plane Great Wheel: Gates of the Moon (Ysgard)
World Tree: Argentil (Gates of the Moon)
World Axis: Argentil (Gates of the Moon)
Worshippers Women, Lycanthropes, Sailors
Favoured Weapon Rod of Four Moons (Heavy Mace)
Selûne in her different forms.

Selûne, The Moonmaiden, is the Forgotten Realms god of light, stars, the moon, navigation and good-aligned lycanthropes.


Selûne, alongside her twin Shar, was created by Ao in the beginning. The two worked together creating the realmspace of Forgotten Realms, eventually creating Chauntea; who was the deified embodiment of Abeir-Toril. Of course, the fact that they literally have a daughter makes them not girlfriends, but sisters. Because 80s.

From then on, the Sisters disageed on how things should go on from there. What started as petty arguments about whether the cosmic curtains matched the décor, whether shoes needed to be removed upon entering the universe, and whether pets were kept outside. It eventually escalated into full out war between the goddesses, and at this point all of their decisions had been creating other deities to fill in the gaps of their creation. For instance: Chauntea thought the universe was a little chilly, so Selûne turned the space heater on (presumably awakening Amaunator). So having created other deities by the end of their fight like Targus, the original god of war, Moander, the god of decay, Jergal, god of strife, death and the dead, they had pretty much escalated their little cat fight up to a full blown military conflict!

It eventually came to a turning point when selûne had had enough of her sister's shit, and tore a piece of herself off and flung it at Shar. The pure divine essence literally ripped Shar a new one, and when it passed out the other side it formed another deity: Mystryl, Goddess of Magic, and pretty much the most powerful of their creations so far.

Unfortunately the attack had left Selûne significantly weakened, and she took some negative levels, becoming an intermediate deity. But thankfully Mystryl and most of the other significant gods of the universe decided to side with her, pushing the conflict into a stalemate.


Selûne's church has two main goals: fight against evil lycanthropes and summon Shards, blue-haired, female planetars, to fight against Shar and her minions.


Knight of the Blue Moon[edit]


Selûne operates her very own planer domain called the Gates of the Moon which a realm of floating rock and ocean under a perpetual night sky, which one can assume would be analogous to Ysgard in the Great Wheel Cosmology, though as the realm of a deity, the Gates of the Moon is bound by its own unique set of rules in addition to the expected planar traits:

  1. Werecreatures have full control over their abilities while in the divine realm.
  2. Any arcane spell cast needs a particular school trigger, which you need to learn from the locals, who happen to be angelic beings like Planetars, Lillends and Celestial Werewolves, so you can't come here to cause mayhem.
  3. Divine spellcasters lose their abilities dependent on the relative distance between their own deity and Ysgard.
  4. Any summoning spell always summons Einheriar.

Recent Events[edit]

In the conversion to 4e Forgotten Realms; since there were so many gods that some had overlapping portfolios, many were removed and some were mashed together, with little regard for their story (and therefore how much sense it made in-universe to combine them). As there were multiple goddesses of the moon, Eilistraee was killed off and Selûne was combined with Sehanine, who was the Elven version. This completely ignored the fact that there was little overlap among the 3 goddesses: Sehanine is also, and mainly, the elven deity of death and mysteries, while for Eilistraee, her association with the moon is mostly cosmetic and due to the fact that surface drow are more cofortable by night; she is not a moon goddess and her goals/activities are completely unrelated to that. In any case, in core 4e, Sehanine took the mantle of "moon goddess". In 4e Forgotten Realms it transpired that Sehanine had been an "Aspect" of Selûne all along (or vice versa), even though that made absolutely 0 sense, since Sehanine has always been an interloper, multispheric deity, while Selune is one of the deities involved in the creation myth of Toril, therefore predating the arrival of Sehanine. In any case, while there were two different religions for goddesses of the Moon and they were allowed to have differing origin stories and power levels, in 4e they were in essence the same thing.

Needless to say the simplification of the pantheon would quickly be reversed when Wizards went back on their choices for 4e. In 5e, the retcon that had Sehanine become an aspect of Selune was re-retconned, and Eilistraee was restored (or revealed to have survived by Ed Greenwood, despite having lost her divinity for a century or so, and then recovering it with the Second Sundering).

This gets more complicated when you consider that Sehanine is also an aspect for yet another Goddess called Angharradh. It's at this point the Athar would stop by to hand you their recruitment flyer.

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