Sepulchral Stalker

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Oh boy, if you thought the CBP was a bunch of hardasses, then Sepulchral Stalkers have them beat. giant ancient snake-man statues brought to life by necromantic magic, they act as the first line of defense of Nehekhara, defending its borders from incursions by Germans, the French, Italians, and even the Swedish from plundering the tombs and resting places of the Tomb Kings. They wield massive bladed halberds and glaives, capable of slicing men and mount clean in half, they lie in wait under the sands of Nehekhara, catching invaders off guard and slaughtering them to a man before slinking back beneath the dunes. They also possess the ability to turn people to statues of sand with a gaze, Wife of Lot, Sodom and Gomorrah style.

Forces of the Tomb Kings

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