Seraptek Heavy Construct

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Necron Players finally celebrate as they are finally gifted a Necron Titan after years of patient waiting. Or at least, what could be called one.

The Seraptek Heavy Construct is the Necrons' answer to the Imperial Knight Dominus and complete Bellwhacker, and possibly the only and closest thing that Necron Players could get to a Necron Titan; it features an impressive combination of ranged and melee firepower, durability, and eye-watering speed.

At the heart of many Necron tomb complexes, sleeping Seraptek Heavy Constructs await the footfall of intruders. These brutal war engines were designed by ancient Cryptek conclaves to protect each world’s master program, and this they do with merciless efficiency. As the legions of the Necron dynasties march out into the stars after their 60 million year-long hangover, many Necron Overlords have summoned their Seraptek constructs to join their ranks after realizing that the dirty mud monkeys *BLAM* Primate infestation terminated! and filthy fish faces became advanced enough to throw out an obscene amount of giant walkers at their Monoliths; replacing their original role as glorified security robots into front-line battlefield duties. In this capacity, Seraptek Heavy Constructs have proven to be absolute engines of cheese, being more than capable of meeting an Imperial Knight or Ork Stompa head-on and emerging victorious.

Despite their size, these Constructs are deceptively fast. Moving at such a scale that it rivals the Elfdar Knights and Titans. Its huge generators power up its primary weapons of either the Synaptic Obliterators, Transdimensional Projectors, or a Singularity Generator.


The Seraptek Heavy Construct occupies the same weight class as an Imperial Knight Dominus, and with toughness 8, 28 wounds, a 3+ armor save, a 5+ invulnerable, and living metal, it will be able to absorb a decent amount of firepower, which you will likely need as the thing is a giant fire magnet. On top of that, a 16" movement makes it far more agile than its massive size would suggest.

When it comes to ranged weapons, there are two options; The Seraptek starts with two Singularity Generators, which can put out between 6-18 shots at 8 strength, -3 AP, d6 damage at 36 inches. Lots of slightly worse lascannons. This makes the Seraptek an excellent anti-vehicle and anti-monster option, but limits it to really only being able to potentially delete two targets a turn.

However, it can swap its ranged weapons for two synaptic obliterators and two transdimensional projectors. This configuration emphasizes split fire and multi-target firing, rather than single-target annihilation. The Obliterators have a mind-boggling Strength of 16, an AP of -4, and a flat 6 damage. At only d3 shots per gun, they won't fire often, but any hit is all but guaranteed to punch a hole in anything short of a Warlord Titan. (And even then, it'll still be wounding on 3s. Granted, those void shields are annoying, but what can you do.) In comparison, the transdimensional projectors are like Gauss Cannons (Strength 6, AP-2, 1 damage) but with d6 shots. Each. The obliterators do have a range of 72", meaning if it can see you, it can shoot you, and you will be regretting your lack of an invuln should you, in fact, not have an invuln.

Finally, The Seraptek wields titanic forelimbs in melee, allowing it to crush enemy knights or hordes of infantry with equal ease.

Weirdly, the Seraptek has two additional rules that set it apart. It will explode on a 5+ instead of the normal 6, and anyone within 2d6" eats d6 mortal wounds. Giant doom spider has to die with passion. Furthermore, the model itself does not have a base, so additional rules were added to explain where its base should be. Why they didn't just put it on an oval base is a mystery. This rule is also only in effect if the model is not placed on a base thus it's perfectly legal to ignore it via a oddly designed base.


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