Serberys Sulphurhounds

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A good doggo always knows best.

The more assault version of the Serberys Raiders. The Serberys Sulphurhounds are identifiable because their mounts are basically fire-breathing robot superdogs. For a Skitarii to be promoted to the maniples of the Serberys corps is apparently considered a great honour, given the mounts they are riding on, ain't no one is complaining about this.


Riding upon these oversized robot dogs allow them to manoeuvre easily over shattered terrain due to their sharp claws and a strong grip on their paws. Riders are mag-locked into gyro-stabilized positions to ensure stability in combat.

Serberys Sulphurhounds are drawn from the most aggressive Skitarii clades, within their Forge Worlds' temples they patrol enclosures as fell guardians, while on the battlefield they serve as shock line-breakers. Their Tech-priest handlers used them as oversized attack dogs, unleashing them on defensive positions before circling back to pick off any survivors.

Serberys Sulphurhounds bear two Phosphor Pistols, though one in three of their number can be upgraded to carry a multi-barrelled Phosphor Blast Carbine. The squad’s alpha is armed with a more powerful version of the standard armament – a Phosphor Blast Pistol. Their flamer-mawed mechanical steeds can also sear enemies with gouts of sulphurous breath via their Sulphur Breath.


These are fast-moving Skitarii Vanguard gunslingers riding cyber-dogs that breath fire. Identical in stat line to the Raiders, but with different special weapons and rules. Basic models are equipped with dual phosphor pistols (same stats as the Phospor Blast pistol but strength 4 instead of 5.) as well as a sulphur breath (same stats as the phosphor pistol, but 8", Pistol D6, and auto hits.)

The Alpha carries a single Phosphor Blast Pistol and a power maul, neither of which can be swapped out. Finally, one model can swap a phosphor pistol for a Phosphor blast carbine (24", Assault 4, strength 5, AP -1, 1 damage with all the usual phosphor rules). Their Pistoleers' special rule allows them to advance and fire pistols, and they share the rad-saturation rule with the Vanguards. As with the Serberys Raiders, the Sulphurhounds are a skirmisher unit that is cheap, though not as cheap, fast, character sniping or ranged as the raiders.

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