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For the Vilous Wiki, the entire Wiki about Sergals and the world setting they come from, see the link at the bottom of the page. Strangely enough for a wiki about all things /tg/, this article is mostly about sergals on /tg/.

Sergals are a very strange species made by a very strange Japanese furry named Trancy Mick (or "Mick39" these days). She gave them a number of nonstandard biological features, including huge ripping "molars" like shark teeth, a pointed, angled snout, breastless females, a raptor-like posture.

Sergals enjoy murder, violence, cannibalism, invoking fear in their enemies. The most popular Sergal is General Rain Silves, recognized by her yellow eyes marked with streaks of blood. She eats babies. More recent art of Rain has showed a spiraling descent into madness, drunk with her increasingly powerful and extreme shape-shifting abilities.At this rate, she'll ascend into godhood, like the Lovecraft version of Hercules.

Sergals are a contentious subject, with the furry crowd clamoring for them and the majority of /tg/ doing their utmost to flame them away.

Most of the 'legitimate' Sergal-statting threads have been made and have discussed everything there is to discuss, and the same few anons that made their stats and pages are now working on a Unified Setting for /tg/ that is basically a fantasy setting containing a lot of /tg/'s original content as well as helping other races get statted and/or helping fledgeling projects and otherwise getting shit done for /tg/.

Sergals have been statted for D&D 4e, D&D 3.5e, GURPS, and Dark Heresy. Sort-of-recent examples of some of these can be found on this page somewhere maybe. A mod created for Dorf Fort has been made available that includes them into the game.

The most well-known Sergal on /tg/ apart from Rain is John, the female sergal from Joanquest.

TL;DR: the only furry creature that doesn't suck furred nuts. *BLAM* Heresy! Do not suffer the furry to live even if they don't suck my furred sergal nuts!


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