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See this guy? He fights for Emperor, Imperium and every good soul in it.

Sergeant Lukas Bastonne is probably one of the most Noblebright guys in the Grimdarkness 41st Millennium (as well may or may not be the Spiritual Liege of such characters like Merrick).

Bastonne is a Sergeant of the Cadian Shocktroopers and is as widely known as Creed in terms of popularity. Known for being very militaristic, caring about his men and pulling off stunts of Tactical Genius, he's very well known among the people of Cadia.

Though being Noble Born, the young Lukas didn't take the typical path like his peers did by simply going to train as officers, and instead started off as a typical file-and-rank Guardsman. From that point his career took pace as wherever he was stationed, the Guardsmen would win. This is due to him having a brilliant memory that allows him to to memorize orders, tactics, and his men's movements perfectly. All this combined with his brilliance, can near instantly assess the situation and adapt to it in order to gain victory. Due to these qualities he was promoted to Sergeant.

His prodigious memory may be a powerful and awesome asset, yet it's also a double edged sword, as the poor sod remembers the faces of every single dead Guardsman that was under his command (as well as all the horrors one in the Guard can meet). Not to mention that there are rumors that Bastonne tattoos said deceased Guardsmen's names on his body.

Because of this memory of his, he led his men to such victories like the Defense of Bloodhaven, the Destruction of the Manthral Land-Fortress, or the rescue mission on the Forge World of Agrippina.

The latter is where he was awarded the Star of Terra. The highest imaginable distinction a Guardsman can get. The Forge World was under attack by Nurglites and Bastonne and co. had to save a Imperial Governor that run one of the Hive Cities there. The Cadians under his command battled through the plague infested streets, but even with Bastonne's tactical genius it was one hell of a harrowing fight. Even after the mission was completed, Bastonne refused with the stubbornness of a Kriegian Trooper to leave behind a wounded trooper that the squad had to leave. So the sarge went back there and brought him back to safety like a certain other badass from Catachan that refuses to leave his men behind. When he returned to Cadia, news of his heroism and success spread like wildfire, and Bastonne was celebrated as a hero. That's how he gained his Star of Terra.

However this was propaganda as not everything went well. The trooper Bastonne saved was infected with Chaos and Bastonne had to mercy-kill the poor sod, adding another face to his memory and probably another name to be tattooed.

A normal man would be broken after the things Bastonne experienced and remembers. Not him. Not Bastonne. He'll move on and do what a Guardsman has to. No one endures trauma like Bastonne.

Sadly, he doesn't appear in the 6th Edition Codex. He's back in 7E in Supplement: Cadia. No, he's not.

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