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Abandoned.png This article is about a homebrew that has been abandoned by its creators.
Prepare for broken rulesets, links, and promises.

Hostile Programs[edit]


As the hyperlink comes to a end and the spots leave your eyes you can make out a figure draped in dark robes with a cowl obscuring its face and hands at its feet is a pool of pitch black data. It slowly pulls a scythe out of he pool and glides toward you.

Reaper.exe was a program originally created to delete the first virus, the legendary but mostly harmless Creeper. When the internet was born, however, both were trapped with the Olds of ARPANET and have grown similarly mad. Whereas the Creeper has become a mischievous trickster, Reaper.exe has taken its purpose to a fanatical extreme, seeking to delete any and all foreign code from every system it infests and claims - this includes Cybers and our human heroes, putting Reaper.exe in a dangerously neutral ground.

Integration - ∞
Interface - 6
Power - 8
Capacity - 2
Data Scanning - 4
Firewall - 0
Unique Program: 5cyth3.exe - 2d10 + target's Integration - Melee
  • With an infinite Integration, Reaper.exe has no conventional corruption limit. Any corruption exceeding 50 freezes up the program, however, as it struggles to decide if it is foreign code in the present system. It is then that it can be removed, but only to be forced upon a new website or node, where it will eventually unfreeze. (To simulate this, it is suggested that the Admin roll no less than two dice for a conventional Reconstruction check for Reaper.exe on itself.)

Hostile Humans[edit]

As you enter the webpage, hoping to find some good loot to sell, you see that it is already inhabited. When they see you, the /b/arbarians who have made this their home look at you with large grins, drawing their blades.

/b/barbarians are what the Web at large call the callous and savage raiders that inhabit /b/, that vile pit of evil and trolls. They raid and pillage for the fun of it, and for resources, as they cannot be bothered to create things themselves, only destroy. /b/arbarians never appear in groups of less than five.

/b/arbarian foot kiddie

Integration - 2
Interface - 2
Power - 5
Capacity - 5
Data Scanning - 3
Firewall - 1

Uses the Script Kiddie damage table. Roll on the following table to determine offensive .exes.

1 - Und3rc10ckGun.exe: 2d10 corruption, 4 ms use time, +2 ms to lag - ranged

2 to 4- pingblade.exe: 1d5 corruption, 3 ms use time - melee

5 to 7 - pingaxe.exe: 1d7 corruption, 5 ms use time - melee

8 - 5p4mm3r.exe: 1d2 corruption on hit, 50% chance that victim is forced to target the user next turn, inflicts 1d8 corruption on victim every 10 ms until they perform an Improved Success dodge, has a 10 ms use time

9 - bruh.exe : User makes stupid comments for 5 ms, all allies deal 1d2 more corruption

10 - .bat carrier. Roll 1d3 more times and create a .bat with resulting weapons. If a 10 is rolled again, upgrade to /b/arbarian Oldfag with the .bat constructed so far.

At the head of the group of raiders is one that seems older, more powerful. The rest of the group follows his lead, ready to kill. /b/arbarian Oldfag

Integration - 2
Interface - 3
Power - 7
Capacity - 7
Data Scanning - 4
Firewall - 4

Uses the Script Kiddie damage table. All nearby /b/arbarians deal 1d3 more corruption and have Firewall 0. Oldfags can use Open System. If not an upgraded foot kiddie, use the following table to determine offensive .exe:

1 to 3: Und3rc10ckerGun.exe

4 to 6: pingaxe.exe

7 to 9: memerizer.exe: deals 1d5 corruption, use time of 10 ms, adds +5 ms to victim's lag, 1d5 corruption removes from closest ally, melee only

10: Und3rc10ckerC4nn0n.js.exe: 3d10 corruption, 6 ms use time, +5 ms to victim's lag - ranged

Minor Virii[edit]

Link Worm[edit]

The normally blue link in front of you flashes a crimson red and before you can shout it twists under your fingers rising up in a fountain of blood red data and slowly turns to strike.

The link worm is a insidious Virii that can entwine its data into that of a weblink to act as a living trap normally these Virri are just a quick bug sweep however removal of the worm from a link is somewhat harder and if not properly done than the link may be be destroyed forever.

Integration - 5
Interface - 3
Power - 4
Capacity - 2
Data Scanning - 7
Firewall - 0

Unique Program:Imbed Allows the worm to entangle its self with a weblink or a player.

-if (player) than CAP vs DATA save

-if save fail yes than 1d10 + 2 every round unless DATA vs target CAP to remove the worm.

Major Virii[edit]

Legendary Virii[edit]



Minor Cybers[edit]

Major Cybers[edit]