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That is what a servitor is supposed to look like

Servitor IRC bot is a computer program written by one of fa/tg/uys primarily for Dark Heresy games, but having some Shadowrun and general fun functions as well.

You can also add your own functions by just dropping txt files into /files/custom/ folder, and then supplying the files' names as a command in the chat, making the bot to paste a single random line from the line directly to the chat. The bot also recognizes lines starting with /me as action-commands. The bot comes with a few standard files to provide you with examples of how it all works, from simple stuff like the Dark Overlord's Rules to more complex Black Crusade crit tables and Fudge dicerolling.

Consider sending your custom files to the programmer (to the email address specified in the readme) to share your work with the world.

Alias functionality is also available.

Current actual version is 1.4.2; download links can be found in the corresponding section of this article. Please read the readme included before using the bot, it's important.

Current commands and functions[edit]

That is what it really looks like

All bot commands are preceded by a comma or the bot's name followed by the comma. The command ,be dicerollan removes this requirement for dice input.

roll - dicerolling. After a ",be dicerollan" command doesn't require the command word any more - but can interfere with other dicerolling channel bots.

tarot - random Tarot card. Can draw from the full deck, minor arcanas or tramps.

space - random space encounter.

art - random artifact.

Dark Heresy-specific[edit]

dhroll - DH test. Shows degrees of success, additional hits generated when shooting, jams, overheating and such.

dhhit - random DH hit allocation.

dhburst - random DH burst allocation.

dhcrit - DH critical hit effects description.

dhfall - DH damage from falling allocation.

dhhal - random DH hallucinogen grenade effect description.

dhdiv - random DH Imperial Divination (Thought for the Day).

bccrit - Black Crusade critical hit effects description.


Or rather, functions for drawing cards from a poker deck.

draw - draw a single card. No card can be drawn twice.

drawhand - draw a full hand, seven cards.

newdeck - open a new deck, the cards previously drawn can be drawn again.

return - play a card and return it to the deck

Don't Rest Your Head-specific[edit]

dryh - pool of colored dice for the game.

Eclipse Phase[edit]

ep - either a standard or an opposed EP test, with critical and severe success and failure detection. Has been updated with Third Printing MoS rules.


srtest - Shadowrun 4ed standard test roll (thus, dice pool roll). Glitch-detection included.

sredge - Shadowrun 4ed edge test roll (standard test with Rule of 6).

srext - Shadowrun 4ed extended test roll.

srnpc - Shadowrun 4ed quick NPC stats creation.

srnade - Shadowrun 4ed grenade deviation calculation.

sr3test - Shadowrun 3ed standard test roll. Can have a target number specified. Rule of 1 and Rule of 6 both work.


ex - Exalted 2ed rolls, flurries, damage rolls and magical flurries. Botch detection, 10s count as two successes where necessary.


fudge - roll Fudge dice.


None by default, lots if you apply the custom files supplied. See ,help maid after that.


noes - a random quote from the List of 1015 things I am not allowed to do in RPG any more.

daat - a random quote from Doc Aquatic's Complete Percentile Adventure Table (and more!)

ware - contents of a random locker on warehouse23. Generally creepy.

critfail - a random quote from Doc Aquatic's Critical Fumble Table (and more!)

div - random Imperial Thought for the Day (not limited just by DH divinations any more!)

rev - a striking revelation of truth on your nature, fate and future (use at your own risk).


hello - greet the user.

join - join a channel.

part - leave a channel.

quit - disconnect from the server.

say - transmit a message to a specific channel the bot is on.

do - perform an action on the current channel.

be - set some of the bot's settings right from the chat window.

who - bot version and owner.

how - list the bot's settings.

",how do you recognize commands" - the only command line that is always recognized regardless of which symbol you set to be the one used to mark bot commands (with "be commanded on" command). Shows which symbol is currently set to be used for that.

list - list the bot's custom text files.

aliases - list the bot's command aliases.

seen - display info on when did a user last join, message or leave a channel the bot is on; also shows all the nicks a specific user has been seen using.

last - last lines on the current channel, up to specified maximum.

count - countdown timer.

help - show the commands listing, and also functions descriptions with full syntax examples.

Download links[edit]

The bot coder promised to give the bot out for free should /tg/ provide him with OCR'd crit tables from Dark Heresy Core Rulebook, which one of the tripfags indeed did.

The bot comes with Delphi source, several text files for content it works with and a compiled exe you can run right away.

Bot v.1.4.2

Known issue[edit]

Sometimes the bot will tell its owner/everyone they are banned.

Solution: change the ban list, for example, add someone, and then delete him back.

Please, if you notice any specific conditions for the bug to be seen, write here or on the mail listed in the readme.