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Sethris' symbol.jpg
A wavy silver dagger against a white spiderweb on a black field
Alignment Neutral Evil
Divine Rank Demigoddess
Pantheon Scarn
Portfolio Hidden things, poison, revenge, spiders
Domains 3E: Death, Evil, Vengeance
5E: Trickery
Home Plane Nathal (Ethereal Plane), Spider Queen's Kingdom (Black Lands)
Worshippers Arachnids, narleths, revenge seekers, spider-eye goblins
Favoured Weapon Dagger

Sethris, the Spider Queen, is the demigoddess of revenge and spiders in Scarn. She's the daughter of Belsameth and a demon lord.


Born before the Divine War, Sethris' life was pretty miserable due to her heritage, finding no acceptance among mortals or gods and leading her to having little to worship to sustain herself with. As the Divine War began, she sought to remedy her situation, offering herself as the new patron of elves to replace the deceased Jandaveos. They spurned her however, and so in retribution she created the Narleth, four-armed spiderfolk to hunt down and kill the elves. From there she continued her quest, eventually coming across the spider-eye goblins that lived in the swamps of Kan Thet, and though initially repulsed by them, she found them willing to worship her and give her the power long denied to her. Together the two nursed their hatred and bitterness, before Sethris eventually left for her realm.


Sethris appears as a lovely woman with lustrous, dark purple hair and lips, and eyes that are bitter and hate-filled. She wears black clothes, preferring dark, form-fitting garments that blend into the shadows around her.


In the Ethereal Plane lies the realm of the dead followers of Sethris, Nathal, the city of webs, located at the center of a massive and labyrinthine spiderweb. The only way to move about is by traversing the luminescent strands, with one wrong move resulting in being trapped and becoming prey to one of the many spider-like beings that sometimes wander here.

Her actual home, the Spider Queen's Kingdom, is located in the Black Lands. Located in the quietest corner of the realm, it is a massive forest of web-covered trees, where only spiders are allowed, and they act as the goddess' servants. All non-spiders who make their way here will quickly hear the sound of millions of tiny feet treading on silk, and be attacked by them. Also by Sethris' decree, no fire will take purchase in her realm, and this applies to magic as well.


Very few worshippers of Sethris are members of races other than spider-eye goblins, spiders, or narleth. Some seek her aid when they've been offended, and sometimes Sethris may deign to take part in this vengeance, but she usually scoffs at them, especially if they've spurned her in the past.

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