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US ABE is a settlement made for the CATastrophe homebrew system.


According to US ABE Mercenaries, the ABE was at one time a military vessel that was called a "Carrier". Exactly what the US ABE carried is unknown, though early logs on the ship say it used to carry flying machines. Of course these are just legends. The real history of the ABE started little over 200 years ago. At that time, the ABE was used by a pirate group as a raiding hulk. Overtime, the enslaved population of the Hulk overthrew their masters. Lacking any real control over the Hulk, the former slaves simply used the hulk as a floating island. This did not last long, as some of the more adventurous of the population began to explore their home. What they found would change the ABE forever. By opening some of the locked compartments of the ship, the treasures of the hulk began to appear. Armories of weapons, computers, and supplies where found to be perfectly preserved on the ship. And not a moment too soon either, for the hulk was attacked by a band of raiders. Despite the ferocity of the raiders, the population fought back with their ancient "EMSIXTENS" and "KABARS". After this attack, the Hulk seemed to vanish from the Endless Blue. Years later, the hulk returned, reborn into a mighty ship of pure steal. Much like their home, the occupants tempered themselves into a crew of iron. During this period, the US ABE would travel around the Endless Blue, assisting settlements. Everything from training, military assistance, to even transports, the US ABE assisted. Now days, the US ABE helps no one directly. ABE only trades with individuals that the settlement trusts, usually former ABE citizens or outsiders that ABE trusts. Attempts to directly trade with US ABE is met with extreme hostility. Why this has happened is because of a single event. The Akadmee Argument

The Akadmee Argument[edit]

Most of ABE's reason for isolation is because of this one single event. What happened was that, according to the ABE, an Akadmee student stole a vital piece of information from the ABE. ABE soon demanded that Akadmee send the student to the ABE for Trial, and return the information. The Fakultee and AI refused, though offered to return the information after it had been copied. Its here where the Argument happens. According to Akadmee, the ABE accepted these terms. However, after accepting these terms, Akadmee states that ABE sent a squad of ABE MARINES to execute the student and retrieve the information. ABE argues that a third party killed the student and stole the information. Either way, a student died, relations between ABE and Akadmee faltered, and the ABE is now isolationist. As for the information, Akadmee did study it for a day. They came to the conclusion that it was a map. As to where the map leads, no one knows.


While exact knowledge of life on the ship is unknown, information from mercenaries does give some idea. For the most part, the culture is that of a militarized vessel, and less of an actual settlement. No fun beach parties or treasure hunting for these citizens. Everyone onboard is trained in combat first, and civilian life second. According to mercenaries, everyone has to take a test called the AZVAP. What this stands for, no one knows. All that is certain is that the test exams the individual on their abilities. From there, along with a physical, the citizen is issued a job. That being said, the job assigned isn't cut into stone, as citizens can change jobs if they can come up for a valid reason for a change. Citizens are also allowed to vote on a captain, and are allowed some liberties and rights. One such right is the right of adventure. This right more or less allows citizens to leave the settlement, if they have permission from the captain. During this time, the Citizen can maintain contact with the ABE and return at any time. It is because of this right that many ABE citizens, not content with living in a isolationist society, go out into the world to act as mercenaries. These individuals can be identified by their blue camo, KABAR knife, and weird earless dialect. This dialect, called MIL speak, sounds like a militaristic English. One rule about these mercenaries, they will never fight another mercenary from ABE. There is no accurate number for the population of ABE. Given the size of the ship, it must be a lot. It's known that the population of ABE is diverse, with none of the Kemomimi have a absolute majority.


As stated before, ABE never directly deals with traders. Those wanting to purchase ABE goods must do so through a small number of approved traders. According to the traders, they are trusted by ABE enough to get a Badge. The badge, a small piece of metal with a number, must be showed to ABE sailors along with a passcode. Those that try to steal a badge or manufacture fake ones will soon find themselves dead if they try and use such badge. Also, the badge has an expiration date. It is renewable, but only within a short time frame. As for the goods ABE trades, its weaponry. Weapons from ABE are seen as some the highest quality in ballistic firearms. Be it a shotgun, rifle, or a rare automatic "EMSIXTENS", these weapons will be of the highest quality. Ammunition is also provided. That being said, they cost a lot. Quality has a price, and any one of these weapons can bankrupt a individual. That same quality can also be the difference in life or death. ABE also trades in larger ordnance, though expect one run out of trade goods real fast.


One part of ABE's existence is clouded in secrecy. That is being where ABE went to transform from a rusting hulk, into a self sufficient ship. According to some, the ABE is not really the main settlement. That the real settlement is on a beach that supports the vessel. Others says the ABE has ancient Earless tech that has unlimited supplies for the ship and crew. Still others argue that the ABE is in direct contact with the Earless. None of ABE's former citizens or mercenaries confirm or deny these claims, confusing everyone. All that is known, is that the information ABE was trying to keep secret might have something to do with the truth of ABE's existence.