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Galactic Position Cloudburst Sector, Celeste Subsector
System Overlord None
Worlds in the system Twelve, none inhabitable
World Type, Name Dead World: Chlorit (formerly Agri-world)
Tropospheric Composition N/A
Religion N/A
Government type N/A
Planetary Governor No
Adept Presence N/A
Climate N/A
Geography Melted rock and stone
Day Length 28 Terran Hours
Economy N/A
Principal Exports N/A
Principal Imports N/A
Countries and Continents N/A
Military N/A
Contact with other Systems Never
Tithe Grade N/A
Population N/A


Before the arrival of the Glasian menace, the Agri-world of Chlorit was a planet of rolling green hills, artificial oceans, and thick polar ice. The planet served as a breadbasket for the large needs of the Cloudburst Sector’s many Industrial and Forge worlds. At one point, Chlorit was exporting twenty-five billion meals’ worth of food, and importing around that much inactivated biomass and fertilizer. At that point, the Glasians arrived to ruin everything. One of the three Glasian Colony Cylinders that followed the much larger Colony Control Cylinder of the second invasion arrived in orbit over Chlorit. The world was not wholly unprepared, thanks to its extensive orbital observation satellites, but knowing the Cylinder was coming did not make destroying it much easier. Forty ships of the SDF and Navy sortied against it to little effect. The population of the world began frantically evacuating, cramming themselves and their families into the ships usually used to carry victuals. The Glasian force overran and butchered the defenders in days, and the civilian population after that. Frantic efforts by the Navy and Mechanicus to evacuate the people of the world ended in fiery failure; kilometer-long freighters and refrigeration barges fell through the skies and landed, liquefying continents. When the last living humans on the planet were dead or gone, the Glasian Cylinder aligned its aft engine with the planet and engaged it. An invisible discharge of strange xenos energy leaped to the planet behind them. Chlorit cracked down the middle. As the Glasian ship accelerated out into the Sector once more, Inquisitors of the Ordo Xenos watched in horror from the edge of the system. The course of the Cylinder led the massive ship to Coriolis, where the colossal orbital fortress crushed it and its surviving forces with ease, but the damage was done: a world was gone forever.

However, Chlorit had not fallen unnoticed or unimpeded. The eight hundred thousand Guard and PDF troops on the surface had held out for days. The Glasians, the Inquisition noted grimly, had not tried destroying the world, even though they obviously could have, until after they had already won it. Was this, perhaps, the original mission of the aliens? Was this Migration a complex and demented selection process, to find a world of their own? Was that why they hit Septiim every time?

Left with more questions than answers, the Inquisition gathered up the survivors of Chlorit (including the fourteen thousand Guardsmen who had been off-world at the time) and transplanted them to Foraldshold at the Mechanicus’s request. Here, they could start building a new world, and also be examined discreetly for signs of Chaos contamination. The moon of Chlorit eventually spun off into space, disrupted by the change in the gravity profile of the planet, and slammed into the system’s star fifteen years later, eagerly observed by Cognomen astrophysicists.

Chlorit Reapers[edit]

The Reapers were once the primary military force of Chlorit, and their heirs on Foraldshold maintain much of the old traditions of the regiments of the past. The Reapers employed plains and urban warfare tactics, as is so often the case with Agri-worlds. Normally, the Reapers would pair up great Earthshaker platforms and their hauling vehicles with a Salamander or two, to gain recon and provide secure transport for the Earthshaker’s crew. Their tactics work neatly on the massive Mechanicus satrap city of Foraldshold Prime, and they have taken well to employment by the Adeptus Mechanicus. The Reapers had previously specialized their close combat weapons, preferring curved blade weapons called Harpes. With the Mechanicus now sponsoring them directly, some have upgraded to a Power variant. Now, Chlorit refugee descendants populate their regiments. Their mettle is untested, but that is changing. The green tide has fallen on Foraldshold. An Ork Waaagh!, flying a wave of Fighta-Bommas built from the guts of a Space Hulk they found floating in the depths of space, has bulled its way out of the darkness. They’ve come to loot the Reapers’ new home, and will stop at nothing to do it.