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Galactic Position Cloudburst Sector, Undefined Region
System Overlord None
Worlds in the system Unknown World


The galaxy is old, ugly, and full of tombs. Imperial leaders and Rogue Traders discover strange and ancient wonders amidst dead worlds and lost civilizations every month. One thing that the Imperium has rarely encountered, however, is a world that makes as little sense as Glamour.

Magos Explorator Scott Chamberlain discovered this world in M41.998, at the very spinward edge of the Cloudburst Sector and the Oldlight Exo-zone. The region has served little purpose to the Imperium. Borders on maps mean little here. No Glasian or Ork vessels have ever entered the system, and indeed the Imperium has entered it only twice. When Chamberlain’s fleet charted the planet, they observed a world of massive material wealth, and earmarked it for colonization or mining as soon as deeper surveys could follow up on his. However, when Rogue Trader Marcus Rowsdower entered the system eight months later, he recorded the surface appearance of the planet as being wholly different from what Chamberlain had recorded. When he returned to Cognomen to share his findings, he and Chamberlain nearly came to blows before resolving to settle the dispute with the long-range telescopic feeds of Watch Point Octa. When they compared their sensor feeds to the ones from that old sensor array, both men came away shocked. The data maps of Octa’s telescopes did not only fail to match either man’s recordings, but the Octa recordings of the system were all different.

Each time the sensors of Mankind view the system, the planet labelled Glamour has a different appearance. Size, color, surface composition, habitability, ice cap presence, atmospheric density, each is different. Chamberlain and Rowsdower are now both hiring for an expedition to the world, ostensibly in alliance, but either man could turn on the other if there were enough on the line.