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Galactic Position Cloudburst Sector, Undefined Region
System Overlord None
Worlds in the system Unknown


N’zark is a mystery. The system, and its one planet of the same name, are only known to the Imperium because of happenstance. Two hundred twenty years before the Seventh Glasian Migration, the alien race known as the Reliok assaulted Imperial space from the Circuit. The aliens were apparently laboring under the impression that the two Explorator ships that had visited their territory seventy years ago had been the full extent of the Imperial fleet. The Reliok attacked Cassie’s World with seven frigates, and were promptly chased down and annihilated by the Navy and SDF. Tracing the route their primitive ships had taken from the Circuit had been the effort of days, and a combined Mechanicus and Navy fleet ground their homeworld, ATK38912, into powder.

However, in the ruins of ATK38912’s sole orbital, a Mechanicus team found something odd when searching for salvageable xenotech. The team stumbled into a chamber that was not on the orbital’s one interior map. Inside the chamber, the team located a carefully hand-made chart of a system the Imperium did not have on their starmaps. The system had a name scrawled on the star, with arrows pointing to a planet in the system, and the word repeated over a hundred times in data files on nearby cogitators. None of those cogitators were networked to the rest of the station’s cogitators. Intrigued, the Mechanicus copied the data down and destroyed the orbital by slamming it into the planet below. The Inquisition’s Ordo Xenos and the Administratum’s Departmento Astrocartigraphicae worked together to establish that the system had not appeared on Imperial star charts because a dense nebula had blocked the sight of the star from the Sol system, and even from far closer, it was very hard to see with optical telescopes.

With so many other priorities, it’s perhaps not surprising that the Imperium has not sent any ships to explore N’zark. However, Mechanicus assets are gearing up for such a trip now, and will depart as soon as they are able. If there are riches to be found, the first to find them could bring home mountains of wealth to the Imperium, or they could face a threat that the Reliok thought beyond them.