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The Tiji Sector is the result of collaborative work by fa/tg/uys to create an entirely new sector of the galaxy in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, intended for use instead of the default Calixis and Askellon Sectors given in the Dark Heresy sourcebooks. Set in the galactic east of the Ultima Segmentum (due to the presence of Tau and Hive Fleet Leviathan) between the Realm of Ultramar and the Tau Empire, the densely packed sector consists of scores of worlds, many types of xenos, legions of guardsmen, and total war (except for maybe three planets that are pretty pleasant places). Bounded by Warpstorms, genetically-aberrant Hive Fleets, the Expansions of the Third Sphere, and a string of dead stars known as The Scar, and with planets ranging from burning hellpits to frozen iceballs (with everything in between), the Tiji Sector is a perfect place for players and GMs to find Heresy and Adventure, depending on your chosen gametype.


  • Abyssius Monasturius - Administratum hive world run by the Ministorum. Hot, long days and big population.
    Xomula: Death is a preferable option
  • Agailareptor - Ex-cemetery world, but pesky Chaos artifacts made it more trouble than it was worth and it was subject to Exterminatus. 70 people still live here; Chaos is tenacious.
  • Aquilum - Aquatic world with volcanoes. Deep Ones are here.
  • Asev - A toxic feudal world with no outside contact and a scant 4100 population.
  • Augurus Prime - The home of the proud Augurus Titan legions.
  • Azarious - An inhospitable mining planet known for its dense minerals and many ore-laden moons.
  • Bennan Ainiluin (AKA Scholar's Rest) - A paradise world that turned out to be an Eldar Maiden World. The Eldar want it back. Defended almost entirely by mercenaries.
  • Cassius-IX - Hive World and sector center of Production of various goods.
  • Cataclysm - Secret Inquisitorial Headquarters. It's where the Inquisition keeps all the forbidden stuff they don't want to destroy but don't want to fall into the wrong hands.
  • Deleator - Hard winters make this a feudal world of Vikings led by a small number of Inquisitors to be loyal servants of the Emperor.
  • Detaniax - Deadly Forgeworld with incredibly advanced technology, but a surprisingly small Mechanicus presence.
  • Endrythis - Huge iceball. Filled with people praying to the Emperor for somewhere better to live, and to protect them from death by frostbite.
  • Exterminus Cratum - A world that was once a paradise. It was hit by a shard of a broken world, so it's now a hell hole.
  • Ferrum Sanctimonia - Temperate Shrine World with beaches. Priest volleyball! Has a Hospitalier Sisters of Battle order here called Order of the Healing Touch because a Saint purged Heretics from the region. Sisters guard that coastal spot even today.
  • Forge World LVX, In Process of Renaming to Emperor's Holy Light - A former Forge-World turned Shrine-World by the beatification of Saint Infernus. The Ecclesiarchy now desperately struggles against the Cult of the Omnissiah for religious dominance on the planet.
  • Hades - A fleet of colony ships that discovered, to their dismay, that the planet they were sent to colonize didn't exist. Until the paperwork goes through to correct this error, the fleet pays tithes to The Imperium and does its best to survive in the void.
  • Hesphri J62G - Tiny, unremarkable planet. A small crashed ship of 56 struggles to survive until rescue.
  • Hetopia III - Penal colony so hellish that it was designated as a Pleasure World as a joke by two yuppies in the Administratum.
  • Hylios - Hylios is a world in the middle of the terraforming process. Simple as that. It also has only 47 people maintaining quite a military.
  • Implausibla Prime - Irradiated hive world under the oppressive regime of former Arbiter, His Most Geriatric Bitumen Hoarfrost, Planetary Governor. A true galactic rarity, Implausibla is a hive world with adequate law enforcement; the Arbites undergo the same training that most Imperial Guardsman do.
  • Iniega - Pleasure-class gas giant capable of sustaining life with eighteen satellites covered in Hive Cities.
  • Inferno - A waterless, searing Death World with a deadly atmosphere that somehow supports 9 million people and a high tech Titan legion with industrial tech only. May the Omnissiah be praised.
  • Itsot - Blistering hot shrine world 'tended to' by unlucky bastards in the Ministorum who nobody likes.
  • Ix - Bizarre frontier world with thousands of fertile rain forest islands drifting around on an ocean of magma.
  • Ixion II - Blazingly hot Administratum world where the oceans migrate. The entire population lives on floating hive-arks.
  • Kratos - Crazy world like Xomula but with only microbial life on it.
  • Koganusan - Terrifying, poisonous and ocean-covered forge world with one-hour days. It leaves a cloud of landmarks in its wake that it rams into when it completes its circle.
  • Mundania - Average in every way.
  • Nashakal - Extraordinarily important and well defended shrine world.
  • Nebraskus - Agri-world. Light gravity, bearable atmosphere.
  • Nemi - A three planet system of varied environments, all dangerous.
  • Nephertis - A Forbidden World controlled by Chaos death cults; the xenofauna are absolutely deadly. Not even the Inquisition sees any use for the place.
  • New Krieg - Hive world with an absolutely deadly atmosphere, little moisture and endless piles of warheads. Krieg, anyone?
  • Nova Prosperous - Wonderful, beautiful paradise world that's just about perfect in every way imaginable - to everyone's surprise.
  • Nogred - Developing world, mainly military.
  • Odabar - A bureaucratic hell-hole, almost literally. A hive world of unbearable heat devoted almost utterly to the Administratum. Mercenary wars between varying branches and offices are encouraged by the dictatorship, which believes they help promote efficiency.
  • Orvana - Highly populated hive world under incredibly strict Imperial rule after rebellion. Pick up that can, criminal scum.
  • Ravenforge - Nobody goes to Ravenforge.
  • Rechner - Administrative center and Capital of the Sector.
  • Requiem - Frozen poisonous wasteland, but there's bodies of fallen Guardsman and Space Marines, so they'll find those bodies and give them a proper burial Emperor-dammit.
  • Saskatchewion - A massive agriworld that uses the planet's extraordinarily toxic atmosphere to magnify light into the pervasive agri-domes.
  • Sors Natio - Moist water vapor planet.
  • Syran - Mineral rich mining world with lots of radiation due to an enormous Red Giant sun.
  • Taedium - A frontier world, that will be a paradise once it's fully colonized.
  • Tempest - A planet that will cook you in the summer, freeze you solid in the winter and kill you via terrible storms in between. Also a dictatorship.
  • Tempestus Solaris - Planet itself is worthless. Orbiting space stations are valuable to the military. So valuable, it's their capital.
  • Texasium - Agri-world covered in a bunch of farmers who zealously follow a religion preached to them by a handful of confused missionaries.
  • Unpredictibla VI - 63 xenos, descendants of a crashed ship's crew, try desperately to reclaim the knowledge to get off this miserable rock, but have so far only managed to claim back advanced space.
  • USSR - Reservation of United Security of Select Republics: A planet known for its razor sharp grasses which are processed down into drinkable machine oil. The planet is almost entirely volcanic glass, which is farmed and harvested by the population.
  • Veresuomi - A mining world notable for its heavy defenses and complete lack of Imperial presence.
  • Volcania - 61 dudes with spears and swords fucking up everything that dares to come to their planet.
  • Welktor - A forbidden, former-chaos planet. Its current population of 8 million seeks to eke out an existence post-Exterminatus.
  • Wereu IV - A now forbidden former Mechanicus R&D world. All further information is classified as part of the condition of the planet's quarantine.
  • Winterchase - Freezes in winter. Boils in summer. Large population of feral nomads who have their own version of the Emperor to reflect on their world travel to stop themselves from dying. They make for fierce warriors and loyal guard recruits.
  • Xaviol - The Sector's communications hub by virtue of its predominately Astropathic population.
  • Xomula - Hideous, Catachan-dangerous swamp world. Absolutely crazy Xeno world where the Adeptus Mechanicus have gone to research.
  • Yhas - A celestial object that's not quite a planet or a sun. This creates valuable objects worth mining for on the 50 satellites.
  • Zemoo - A xeno world with potential Kroot presence. Suspected to be a Tau listening / research post.

Unmapped Planets[edit]

  • Audax - The Gas Giant and its swampy moon share the name Audax, though only the moon holds House Excelsus.
  • Chernol - A wild jungle world used as neutral ground by the sector's criminal elite.
  • Cobarak - A grassy world dotted with enclosed hab-domes to protect against the exotic atmosphere. A handful of preachers struggle to keep the population of 4 million in line.
  • Cu'ba - What lies within the huge stone pyramids of Cu'ba?
  • Easy Street - The first world to be generated with Stars of Inequity, Easy Street (Sometimes called Heresyland) is a horrifying deathworld ripe with natural resources.
  • Enigmus - A dead world where the ancient ruins of primitive sentient life have been found, although the planet is not remotely habitable. Inquisitors suspect Necrons.
  • Euclisine - Shrine World turned Quarantine World, where the inhabitants have turned from the God Emperor. Fortified for the incoming retaliation.
  • Euphalion - Shrine World that organizes the sector's crusades.
  • Event Horizon - A dull green Daemon World that defies logic and reason, despite the ancient temples on it that proclaim the opposite.
  • Femor-II - A gas giant with a small, rather pleasant moon filled with great ravines and vast savannah. Despite its relative warmth, it makes a perfect agri-world.
  • Graviticus Station - An orbital station in the former location of a star, administered by Squats.
  • Kalam - The blistering desert world of House Askari
  • Mining Site 0298 - Features a rocky, barren landscape that's grim, dark and gritty and covered in miners.
  • Mithras - A world filled with dank endless forests which contain fearsome beasts and even more brutal tribes. Perfect recruits for the Imperial Guard.
  • Monolith - The primitive cavemen found SOMETHING on this world, something that is beginning to rapidly uplift them.
  • Paramara - Hot steaming tropical jungles hold the stone and adamantine keeps of House Kshatra.
  • Qadesh - A desert frontier world at the Sector's edge, where a good revolver and a fast horse is all you need.
  • Salix - Hard times descend upon the mists for House Pyrus.
  • Serenar-I - A watery forge world with an earth-like environment capable of sustaining life. If not for its tyrannical ruler, it would be pleasant world to live upon.
  • Shariah - A Feudal World whose head Ecclesiarch teaches a hardline interpretation of the Imperial Creed.
  • Surat Thani - A Cemetery World that is dotted by rocky plateaus that go above the clouds, and thermal storms that melt steel. It's an incredibly important planet in the Tiji Sector; it's where the Guardsmen are buried.
  • Utopia - Reaches nearly 400 degrees in the summer, but has swamps in the polar regions because of the crazy axial tilt.

Celestial Phenomena[edit]

  • The Scar - Dozens of stars in the sector adjacent to the Tiji Sector all went supernova at once. None know why.


Leviathan's Rest
During the Third Tyrannic War, a stray tendril from Hive Fleet Leviathan was spotted across the northern section of the Tiji sector. Fearing it was trying to replenish biomass and launch another Campaign against the Imperium, the Salamanders and Battlefleet Tiji went to stop any further systems from falling to the Tyranid scourge.

Master artificers crafted a high-yield Melta explosive aboard the Salamander strike cruiser. Said to be blessed by Vulkan's spirit, the projectile made its unyielding path into the Tyranid fleet, miraculously hitting the tendril's central nerve. In its final cry of pain during immolation, most if not all synaptic creatures burst into flame in the psychic backlash. The result caused a Warpstorm in the path of the defeated fleet, which still burns in some parts even to this day. But what was once thought to have been a major victory for the Tiji sector has given birth to a far more devastating threat, known as Hive Fleet Nidhoggr; the hellspawn subspecies of Tyranid caused by the Salamanders' heroic plan has arrived after hibernating since the end of the Third Tyrannic War, and they have come to consume the entirety of the sector, planets and all.
Status: Active
Threat: Catastrophic. New Tyranid Strain detected.

Helinius's Litany of the Damnned
Caused by a chaos cult, led by the infamous (but fortunately deceased) Helinius who was once a disciple of Ahriman of the Thousand Sons, before breaking off and leading his own sorcerous cult against the Imperium.

The Imperial fleet cornered the vile sorcerer upon his flagship, "Whispers of Dissent." In his final moments, he scaled the barge's exterior. Trying to form one last offering to the dark gods, his vile minions channeled ruinous energies from the neighboring planets to support their dark master.

Under the unyielding barrage of the Imperial fleet, Helinius's moment of glory was cut short.
The ship's machine spirit still struck out against those who turned on the Imperium. During the dark ritual, reality caved in on itself and formed the Warpstorm.

Sealing Helinius's fate that day, the same Imperial fleet still patrols the region after being refitted in M.36-M.39, stopping those who would tread the path of their dead champion.
Status: Active
Threat: High (Chaos incursions)

Event Horizon
An advanced world that experimented with an advanced form of realspace and Warp travel around the Age of Apostasy. Its original name has been lost forever to Imperial records. The event known as the "Event Horizon" cracked the planet in two, launching one shard into a random direction. We have thus far been unable to assert where this fragment of world went.

Once the two shards parted, the remainder of the planet was swallowed by a Warpstorm and is considered lost. However, this Warpstorm seems to function as a second light in the warp parallel to the Astronomicon, sometimes throwing ships off course by weeks or months. Some reports have stated that the Warpstorm traps certain ships to induce madness and heresy in their crews, spitting the ships out years, centuries, or even millennia later.
Status: Active
Threat: Medium (Navigation Interference)

Important People of Note[edit]

Adeptus Mechanicus[edit]

Complication is ruination; form and function are one.


To look out from a tall tower is mastery.



Not all thoughts are worthy thoughts.

  • Inquisitor Charon - Fiery, zealous ultra-puritan maniac who is just as harmful to the Imperium as the worst radical.
  • Inquisitor Glokta - Sadistic, cunning and crippled tortured-turned-torturer.
  • Inquisitor Maximillian Von Swartz - Former Arbitrator, his life's work is to eliminate crime and corruption. Too bad his father dealt with criminals though, because now no one trusts him.


A hell-spawned daemon spits death only once.

  • Inquisitor-Chirurgeon Andre Romelle Dre - Brought into the sector to combat a daemonic incursion a century ago, he will not leave until he finishes his after-action reports for the Catalyst Librarius archives, tentatively named "Inquisitor Dre presents The Aftermath."


If you do not enter the tiger's cave, you will not catch its cub.

  • Inquisitor Lareat Tride - Ordo Xenos Inquisitor who dabbled a little too much in alien DNA. While his methods get results, if any other Inquisitor saw him, they'd shoot on sight.
  • Lord Inquisitor Calvin "The Lion" Doggfather - Stationed on Catalyst Station, and current Conclave Leader in the Inquisitorial Headquarters, the Radical Inquisitor uses his position to strike against the hordes of Xenos assailing the sector, and maintain a healthy supply of Medicinal Herb.


People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but *actually* from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint - it's more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly... timey wimey... stuff.

  • Inquisitor Shady - The flippant and mysterious Ordo Chronos Inquisitor, most likely tasked with monitoring the various warp-space-time anomalies of the Tiji sector and working on occasion with Inquisitor Dre and Lord Inquisitor Doggfather, despite their clear dislike of him. As with it's Ordo doesn't seem to be bound by the typical rules of the materium.



Opportunities multiply as they are seized.

  • The House of Korst'la - A Sanctioned Tau whose criminal business network has served the Inquisition for generations.


Old things rust only when they are unused.

  • Phaeron Ramsestron - A brain-damaged Necron Phaeron who fights using a sound-based technique called Sigma Harmonics.

Astartes of Tiji[edit]

Honor and loyalty; Nothing else.

  • The Deep Ones -
  • The Black Panthers - A little-known chapter of an unknown (but probably succeeding the Salamanders) ancient founding, the Black Panthers are recognizable in their purple heraldry, their icon a large black cat of ancient Terran myth. Recruiting from the hive system of Iniega, they fulfill not only their duties against the Heretic, the Xeno, and the Daemon, but they also watch the sector's seedy criminal underbelly. Their Second Company is stationed at Iniega and throughout the sector, and ensure no one underworld element becomes too large or threatening. Their Chapter Master, an imposing dark-skinned man known only as Johnson, guides the fleet based Chapter from the Battle Barge "I Would Have Been Your Daddy." The IWHBYD and its attendant Strike and Vanguard cruisers have a long history of honored service, and as a result the Inquisition overlooks their unconventional equipment roster and less-than-traditional resourcefulness, claimed to be drawn from ancient tactics long ago. It really makes one think... They are especially zealous when purging mutants, particularly albinos.

Adepta Sororitas of Tiji[edit]

Even death is not to be feared by one who has lived wisely.

A Sister of the Order of the Healing Touch by a flag with the symbol of their order, on the holy coast daydreaming of being in better beachwear

Order Hospitaller
+++NOTE: Like most Hospitaller Orders, they have been noted to do some Militant work as well+++
Order of the Healing Touch
Home world:
Ferrum Sanctimonia is a tiny shrine world with low gravity, filled with islands, sand dunes, ravines, and hills. It is warm, and has a population of 1 billion despite it's small size. The Order's monastery is located on the beach of Llab; much of the Sisters' rituals take place on the beach. Volleyball is practiced by the Schola Progenium to keep their students fit. The students there, and citizens of the planet in general, often adopt beachwear. The Sisters themselves rarely get a chance to do the same, only allowed to do so in the very short amount of time given for informal relaxation.
The reason behind the founding of the Order of the Healing Touch is well known. Saint Opeterus once visited the village of Yellov on the beach of Llab, where the main monastery of the Order of the Healing Touch is now established. The village was plagued by the death of its firstborn children. When the people were on the verge of losing faith in the Emperor's protection, the Saint took them to the shore and said he would find the reason. One by one he anointed them with the symbol of the eagle with water from the sea. Halfway through the anointing, the water burnt the forehead of one villager- the saint declared he had found the heretic responsible, as the pure water bridled at their taint. They were burnt at the stake, the deaths stopped, and the bay became regarded as holy. The convent was founded on its shores, and the Sisters pray kneeling in the shallows before undertaking each mission, to partake of its blessing.
Known practices:
All Sisters of the Healing Touch carry a small vial of sacred water with them wherever they go, to remind them of their origins, to ensure their purity, and to deliver unto the heretics in moments of most dire need. While the water is sacred, many non-sororitas find themselves in possession of some through these vials, either through important political negotiation and trade or through the looting of fallen sisters. The water is said to sooth the wounds of the faithful and burn the flesh of the unworthy and the heretic.

In times of rare danger the Sisters of the Healing touch have been known to use the sacred water as a weapon, sprinkling the sacred rain from on high to restore the morale and health of the wounded and fallen while simultaneously decimating the forces of the ruinous powers, or so it has been claimed. While there have been few such times, this tactic has been known to, with one exception, ensure that the sisters are able to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

It has also been known for the Sisters to cast their dead on boats into the holy water of the sea at the beach of Llab, when they have the opportunity to do so.

Guard Regiments of Tiji[edit]

From stony ground, good men rise up to defend their homes.

The Tempestus Void Guard
In the old days of the Second Settlement, when the Tiji Sector was rediscovered by the Imperium, a large number of warships and old freighters-turned-colony ships found their last stop in orbit around Tempestus Solaris. These ships were to become the seeds for the Tempestus Militarised Zone, a ring or interlinked facilities that house training and staging areas for the Imperial Guard regiments that are tithed from Tiji. It is also the home of the oldest IG regiment in the sector: the Void Guard.

All children of the Voidborn whose forefathers arrived to Tempestus on the original settler ships, the mostly pale and lanky Tempestus Void Guards are famous for their skill in close-quarters fighting.
Originally formed to combat the threat of a space hulk designated IX-55-VI that dropped out of warp space near Xomula, the Void Guards have a reputation as secretive and efficient fighters.

Xomulan plague militia
Fights chaos influence on the planet, highly resistant to deadly pathogens.

Koganusan Taghmata Omnissiah
Koganusan's vast population under the Adeptus Mechanicus that labor in the forges eventually came to such a number that they started paying tithe to Segmentum command, under dual rulership. One ruler is the Omnissiah, and the other is Segmentum Command. Leaders of the Koganusan Taghmata Omnissiah sometimes find themselves locked between conflicting orders, and have aroused the watchful eye of the Inquisition.

New Krieg Blackwatch
Drawn from the New Krieg hives, the New Krieg Blackwatch are called in to contain biological threats to the Imperium, armed with the vast nuclear arsenal and dense protective suits of their father legion, The Death Korps. The corps can be found throughout the Imperium fighting the Tyranids, though their main focus in Tiji is Xomula, where they have a permanent detachment on the space hulk Garland Eran, used to launch training missions and dispatch to distress calls from the Adeptus Mechanicus. The Blackwatch practice a blitzing shock and awe approach to warfare, and the fanatical soldiers would give their lives for an inch of ground.

Orvanian Planetary Assault Legion
Specialized planetary assault legions of Orvana who retook this world from a planetwide rebelion against the Emperor, now also make their home and training ground there. The current Imperial governor militant, Jaxus Green, not only put down the rebellion but also imposed stability onto the planet. The Orvanians continue churning out highly specialised planetfall regiments rivaling the Elysian drop troops.

Orvanian Irregular
Rebel counter insurgency group, under the strict eye of the Orvanian millitary. Unlike regular Guard regiments and PDF, the Orvanian Irregulars don't operate as a single uniform force, instead they are a collection of various Hive gangs who answer to the sole authority of the Orvanian Military. Each gang commissioned by the Military is responsible for the hive of which they inhabit, and being gangers they are no strangers to the perils of combat. Unless generously supplied by the Military, Irregulars make use of outdated (yet cheap and easy to obtain) equipment, such as autoguns and homemade incendiary devices.

Deleator Clansmen
The Steel Age vikings of Deleator are organized into regiments for shipment throughout the sector. Organized as Line Infantry, their enemies get quite the surprise as they charge into battle with their steel axes and shields. Riding the deadly Snow Moose, an antlered creature with a poison sting and devastating breath weapon, some question which is worse - the mount or its rider.

Qadeshi Outriders
Qadesh is a world where a man lives by his horse and his pistol - this is reflected in the regiments the frontier world produces. Led by its two maverick Lord-Commanders Colt and Browning, the Outriders function as a rough rider skirmishing force, their las-revolvers and lever-las rifles bringing death to the enemies of man. The Qadeshi Wild Mustang, a horse known for both its temper and its loyalty, is the perfect mount for these regiments of cowboys and florists.

The Digga-IIs
Trained personally by a legendary Deathwatch Kill Team, the Digga-IIs know no fear. Augmented with strange medical procedures, armed with exotic weaponry, and thrusting themselves forward into the fight, the aid of the Digga-IIs is not expected, but not unwanted. Though some question their strange manner of armor, weapon, and green face paint, the efficiency at which they fight, and seemingly enjoy it, is a standard to which many wish they could aspire to.

Squat Brotherhood Warrior Squad "Morty's Finest"
The Squat Brotherhood Regiment calling themselves "Morty's Finest," after their Warlord and sworn liege, are veritably proud of the accolades they have received. Having fought from the Snow-drifts of Endrythis to the toxic plains of Iniega, the Warriors of Morty's Finest bring stubborn tenacity and disciplined firepower to the battlefields, wherever they may be.

The Ordo Reductor and Legio Cybernetica
Seen in the sector following the ship-restoration efforts of the Squats, the Ordo Reductor and Legio Cybernetica have worked to strengthen ties between them and the sector's burgeoning Squat population. The strange constructs of the Legio Cybernetica have been seen amongst the battlefields, and where they tread, only dead enemies of Mankind lay.

Knight Houses of Tiji[edit]

Valour is superior to numbers.

House Askari
Mantra: The couched Lance precedes Conquest and Glory
Alignment: Imperial House
Colors: Red and Silver
Heraldry: Stylized calligraphy of the Imperial Aquila.

The desert world of Kalam shares many traits with its system neighbor Shariah - life is hard, and the Imperial Creed is the focal point of daily life. What it does NOT share is the might of House Askari, the Knights who shepherd the world. Unlike most Knight houses, who prioritize their own traditions, the Knights of House Askari hold only the Imperial Creed close to their hearts, most living as simply as the people they watch, in an ideal called Sunnah, or Practice of Wisdom. Each Faris of House Askari is known to take an active part in Ecclesiarchal services, and is required to march in support of their Iqta if called by the House's Sultan, currently an energetic man named Sharif Al-Khattawi. However, as tradition demands, a majority of the Knights they field are of the common Questoris chassis.

Amongst the desert, the nomadic natives Kalam eke out a simple living, entering the cities and Iqta's of House Askari only for needed supplies and gear that cannot be made themselves.

House Excelsus
Mantra: A Flash of Lightning can Eclipse the Sun
Alignment: Imperial House
Colors: Each Knight selects his or her own colors
Heraldry: A pair of lightning bolts crossing a white circle.

For those who come to the swampy world of Audax to meet with House Excelsus, the shock of what is seen is almost too much to bear. The headquarters of House Excelsus, Fortress Adtonitus, is surrounded by sprawls and slums called the Borderlands. It is here where ex-soldiers and mercenaries have built a place to live, train, and relax, while savagely competing for the rights to join the ever-growing House Excelsus.

The organization of House Excelsus is, in polite terms, a loose collection of Freeblades, but those who delve deeper realize its organization mirrors the many hive gangs and rat packs prevalent in the underhives of the civilized worlds of the Imperium. The fact that the Domineus Council, the leaders of House Excelsus, are themselves rumored to be former hivers and guardsmen, only adds to the mystery.

House Excelsus possesses the manufactora, cybernetica, and fleet support needed to maintain its Knight armors and accompanying battle automata cohorts, some archeotech even dating back to the Horus Heresy. With large numbers of the rare Cerastus and Questoris Pattern Knights, House Excelsus has proven itself in a number of crusades and defensive actions in the service of the Imperium, despite its short tenure on the galactic stage.

House Kshatra
Mantra: Swords of the Thousand Aspects of the Emperor
Alignment: Imperial House
Colors: Blue and Black
Heraldry: No unified heraldry, every Knight's banner a woven scene of battle, personal symbolism, and Imperial Aspects.

Amongst the thick jungle of Paramara, roam the Knights of House Kshatra. Experts in combat within difficult and dangerous terrain, the Knights' preference for fast hit and run strikes lead them to field a higher concentration of Cerastus-pattern knights, rivalled only by House Excelsus. Taking the title of Bhattara upon completion of their trials, each Knight practices the chivalric arts of ranged and melee combat in equal measure. The current Lord of Paramara, the Raja Narayana Murti, leads his house with honor and distinction to the furthest, most dangerous battlefields.

The Imperial citizens of Paramara live deep within the jungles, their stone buildings withstanding the elements and the wildlife, rumbling only when the Knights of House Kshatra march to war.

House Pyrus
Mantra: The Oiled Cog burns brightest
Alignment: Mechanicus House
Colors: Bronze, Red, and White
Heraldry: Geometric arrangement of a fiery cog.

The twilight world of Salix holds within its mists the Mechanicum aligned House Pyrus, once tied by the Sidon Protocols to the world of Ravenforge. However, with the loss of that world to the forces of Chaos, House Pyrus has found itself isolated and alone, its Board of Magi struggling to acquire the resources and expertise necessary for the maintenance of their Knight chassis, many of the rarer Mechanicum Questoris pattern. The once noble house has been reduced to bargaining for essential supplies after every battle, fraying the Scions' patience and temper.

Already strange reports come from Salix, as the situation gets exceedingly desperate, and the Scions of Pyrus descend upon their own citizenry for the resources they need...

Evolution of the sector[edit]

Tiji1.png > Tiji3.png > Tiji4.png > Tiji6.png > Tiji7.png > Tiji12.png > Tiji14.png > Tiji15.png > Tiji16.png

The planets that make up the sector's worlds were created through the use of a random planet generator, which has varied in quality between incarnations from amusingly terrible to somewhat sensible, then being fleshed out in detail by posters on /tg/. The name of the sector itself, "Tiji", is obviously a phonetic representation of "/tg/".

The sector of course needed its detachment of Astartes starting with first-founding-esque retarded names like Sea Sharks, Sea Angels and Blood Sharks. Then one brave anon came in and mentioned "The Deep Ones", all quickly fell in line and made the H.P. Lovecraft inspired chapter. On their world of Kratos/Aquaphobia, one a swampland hellhole, the other an ocean world filled with sapient sharks. The Deep Ones also make use of a mobile chapter HQ, a form of submarine that can submerge into the swamp, fittingly called "The R'lyeh."

The Sororitas Order wasn't any less painful in its creation: Tiji wanted to post them on the Brazilian Beach Volleyball pleasure world, and so Anon got writing. From escaped sea-faring woman pirates, to plain boring San Leon sisters, Anon rejected idea after idea until one. The Sisters of the Healing Touch. A planet plagued by "The Chaos" with children dying at birth, "The Saint" brought the desperate populace to the ocean and baptized them; the heretics burst into flames, and the trouble stopped. The Sisterhood was formed, named the Order of the Healing Touch. Originally agreed to be a hospitaller order, /tg/'s love for muscle chicks was too fervent and it became both healing and killing, like the Knights of St. John.

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