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Part of the Unified Setting for /tg/

Gorgossa is not the country in the PG-13 movie everyone's *really* hoping makes it happen. They are the country in the rated R movie you're not sure whether or not you like yet.

Bad-asses with a Persian flavor, Gorgossa thinks it got a raw deal in the last war and is determined to prove that they deserve to be number one.


Gorgossa is a hilly and mountainous land, located on the eastern coast of Solaris and due south of Baetica. Because of the terrain and proximity to the Onras Ocean, they lack the pleasant climate and abundant cropland of their northern neighbors. Trade is also restricted as merchant shipping (mostly Vyntrillian) bypasses their roads entirely and leaves the interior isolated.

Despite their extensive coastline, Gorgossa is lacking in natural harbors, or forests of the right variety for ship building. Regardless, they have expended enormous treasure on the construction of a navy. While they have occupied or conquered a number of islands (that remain a source of dispute with Vyntril) their fleet is considered second-rate at best. Hopes of profit through trade are mostly unmet. Some blame this on the lack of goblins in Gorgossa, and the subsequent lack of interest from the merchant-navy of the Goblin Remnant.

While not a poor country, Gorgossa lacks many of the natural advantages of their neighbors, a fact that has influenced their culture and politics in many ways.

Gorgossa has one advantage over other nations. Their abundant mineral wealth, especially their remarkably rich and pure iron deposits. This makes Gorgossan steel the best on the continent.