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A kobold (lower left) demonstrates both the stupidity and gumption for which their race is known.

Unified Setting kobolds are based off of Cutebolds. Considered slightly dim, but with a lot of heart they dwell in the deserts of Lindwurm, the southernmost continent. They are also some small groups native to Everoc, though nobody knows how they got there.

Thousands of years ago however kobolds weren't cute. They were an unstoppable army lead by the insane Draconian known as Tiamat. Endless waves of kobold shock-troops, warlocks and sappers annihilated the Faestir nation, leaving less than a thousand survivors in the end. Tiamat abandoned the kobolds after the war and they dissolved into small camps.

Being ruled by Tiamat was not exactly pleasant. To this day Kobolds have an aversion to anything draconic or reptilian and consider five to be a very unlucky number.

The Kobolds live in small camps with mud huts and wooden shacks. They gather berries and eat dead things that they find. They worship any significant aspect of their surrounding.

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