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The Prince of Crows, looking like he just came out of Fist of the North Star.

"Death to the False Emperor!"

– Jago Sevatarion - He said that first.

"Your way is the Eight Legion way now, but it has never been the only way. Just the easiest way."

– Jago Sevatarion, confronting Konrad Curze with the reality of his methods.

Jago Sevatarion also known as Sevatar, the Prince of Crows and Master of the Atramentar, was (or MAYBE still is) the First Captain of the Night Lords Space Marine Legion, and along with Sigismund, Lucius, Abaddon, Kharn & Corswain was believed to be one of the greatest duelists of his age. Though that was probably due to his penchant for cheating fighting like a Night Lord, using all his resources to win a fight, and by simply being faster and better than most people. The only time he cheated so overtly was after many hours of duelling Sigismund to a standstill, whereupon he got bored and headbutted Sigismund, knocking him down in a completely unexpected move. Kharn would later attempt to do the same thing, whereupon Sigismund would slam Kharn's face into the ground. Though he technically cheated to win, he was still the only person to ever last anywhere near that long fighting Sigismund, who was almost certainly the greatest Astartes duelist of his time and probably the greatest who has ever lived. Additionally, saying he cheated because he was getting bored is not hyperbolic. He actually did just want the duel to end out of boredom, but he wasn't willing to simply throw in the towel.

He was also an impressively capable leader, by the fact that he managed to keep control over the Night Lords legion after Curze was badly injured by Lion El'Jonson, have people obey his orders to sacrifice themselves for others (not an easy thing when the people are Night Lords), adapt, and genuinely keep shit going pretty well... at least until Konrad Curze decided to wake up and waste it all in spite.

He was also a repressed psyker whose powers were slowly killing him.


As a child, he began displaying psychic powers and could hear the voices of the dead, alongside the thoughts of men or animals, which caused him pain. He was eventually taken into the Night Lords Legion, where Konrad Curze and his advisors learned of Sevatar's psychic powers. Curze knew that if psykers in his legion started having visions similar to the way he did, it meant that the Night Lords gene-seed was in some way incompatible with the host. Once someone had become a legionnaire however, there was obviously nothing to be done about it; it isn't as though the Space Marine modifications could be reversed. As such, Curze and other psychically attuned members of the legion attempted to suppress Sevatar's powers in the hope that they would simply atrophy with time. He also proved an extremely gifted and extremely ruthless combatant.

Sevatar would eventually rise to the rank of First Captain, making him second in command of his Legion and equerry to his Primarch. This was by dint of simply being right almost all the time, which made him a very capable fighter, tactician and strategist, although it left him with an air of arrogance, and a difficulty listening to Terran-born Astartes, or the regular humans he dealt with. He did not care all too much overtly, but felt envy at those who could so effortlessly joke and bond with others. At some point after the Edict of Nikaea, it fell to Sevatar to make the decision about what to do with the Librarius. He seemed not to care about what happened to them, but banished their Chief Librarian Fel Zharost back to Terra.

At the outset of the Horus Heresy, he was the first person to utter the phrase: "Death to the False Emperor!" during one of Horus' briefings for the Istvaan trap, making him one of the most significant characters of the entire setting.

Sevatar also wore red gauntlets, a sign that he was condemned to be killed by the hands of his Primarch at a moment of his choosing. This was a sentence usually reserved for "Traitors and Fools" though it seems that Sevatar considered himself to be both. What he did to be condemned this way is unknown.

During the Thramas Crusade, when Curze was injured and left comatose after being ambushed by Lion El'Jonson at Sheol, Sevatar was left as acting commander (mostly by killing several other contenders) He then declared that they had done all that Horus had demanded of them and that they should from then on do whatever they wanted to do. So he broke the Legion into six great companies that would operate independently and be under no singular commander where they could rape and pillage to their hearts content, becoming true renegades.

Sevatar then tried using his psychic powers to commune with the Primarch and awaken Curze from his coma, but the Primarch wasn't that interested and knocked him the fuck out. While Sevatar was asleep, the Dark Angels had discovered the Night Lords and outmaneuvered them by using a sentient warp engine that the Lion had discovered earlier in the crusade. After he awoke, Sevatar attempted to retreat out through the Dark Angels' battle lines, until Curze awoke of his own accord and declared that he wanted to board the Dark Angel's flagship instead; which Sevatar proceeded to do by hitching a ride on top of a space fighter. Unfortunately he was overwhelmed and captured.

While a captive of the First Legion, he was contacted by one of their Astropaths on board the Invincible Reason. He initially mistook her for one of the voices of the dead that he was used to hearing, and while in solitary confinement he confessed his sins and failings to her, saying that he saw himself as an agent of justice rather than a soldier or cruel killer. After realising who she was, he eventually came to an understanding with her, reading her mind in turn, discovering that she had been badly beaten and left crippled by her Legion overseer for speaking to him. She helps him escape by freezing his guards, though he does not flee the starship; instead, he makes his way to her chambers and strangles the overseer to death, something he saw as his "duty" to perform considering the treatment suffered by the young astropath before surrendering again to the Dark Angels.

Now with voice acting:

It was said that Sevatar was eventually killed during the Horus Heresy at some point before the Siege of Terra. It's not quite figured out where or by who yet. And considering the character of his Primarch and Legion as well as the nature of his condemnation, it might not be that glorious a death either... though there are rumors that he may still be alive somewhere.

As of the start of the Siege of Terra books, the last time he was seen was as a prisoner on the Invincible Reason by Gendor Skraivok via the powers of the Pharos. Konrad Curze hadn't seen him since the Thramas Crusade and neither had the majority of the legion, casting doubt on whether he was actually on Terra during the Siege or not. Seeing as the Lion was busy burning traitor worlds during the Siege, it remains to be seen if he manages to escape.

Some on /tg/ believe he might have ended up as a Knight-Errant (which is unlikely, given that most of them are now gone to Titan) or perhaps one of/the first of the Carcharodons.


Pts WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Sevatar 175 7 5 4 4 3 6 4 9 3+

As mentioned, Sevatar was considered one of the deadliest warriors of his age and his rules do not disappoint, though he does not compare to Sigismund in terms of who would win in a straight up "fair" fight (though he was said to have beaten Sigismund in a duel by cheating) (Actually he headbutts Sigismund so the duel gets suspended. Not really much like cheating, more like going for a tactical victory) nor does he match up to Kharn in terms of overall killiness.

Instead, Sevatar has some nasty tricks up his sleeves. He inflicts Instant Death while in a challenge and has four WS7 I6 S5 AP3 Rending, Master-Crafted attacks. While this might not necessarily seem scary to a character with Artificer/Terminator armour, just remember that they only need to fail one save against him unless they are Eternal Warriors. However, as of book 9 Sev is finally ready to take his place as a supreme badass character killer. For 35 points (worth it...) you can equip him with Artificer Armour and a shiny new chainglaive with a silly name and Duelists Edge and AP2 (and yes, it is still Master Crafted). So, if you can get everything right, you'll end up I7 in a challenge (I8 if in Terror Assault), with 4 base attacks, likely hitting and wounding on a 2+ (if you outnumber), rerolling to hit / wound and his 2+/4++ saves. This makes him absolutely evil and he will hack through most characters, but like his fluff, he has avoided becoming tabletop mary sue like Sigismund.

He also is a repressed psyker, which in rules terms means he can only harness two warp charges in a turn, but since he has only one power that's not such a terrible condition. That power is "Precognition" which further turns him into a monster character since he can re-roll pretty much anything. Which means he can really push for those rending AP2 melee attacks if he really needs to hurt something.

Finally, he prevents scatter for deep-striking Terminators if they're deployed within 6" of him, and if he's the warlord Atramentar Terminators become troops and he has Master of Ambush as his warlord trait, meaning you can pull sneaky infiltration shenanigans while also dropping a giant murderball of Terminators exactly where you want them to go.

Also remember he is a Night Lord, meaning, if his unit outnumbers the enemy at any initiative step, he gains a +1 on to hit and to wound rolls, which when coupled with Master Crafted and his Precognition means he will likely be hitting and wounding on rerollable 2+.

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