Seven of Clubs: 'Relentless'

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Alright, settle down, hotshot. Don't sass me, sonny boy, I'll beat yer ass with a horseshoe if I have ta. Now, I know which story y'wanna hear, if'n you'll get me another whiskey.

Well, now that's settled, I'll tell ya about my encounter with the Seven a' Clubs, an' the woman who couldn't be stopped.

I'd been workin' this very bar as a dish-hand when the lady walked on in here. Purple hat, jet-black coat, and a gleaming hunk of deep gray steel on her belt. Came right up to the bar and handed me a fistful of dollars for a bottle of scotch with a glass.

Now, I'd never seen such brazenness from a lady before, an' I doubt I'll see it again, but hot damn if I was gonna deny the gleam of determination in her eyes. So, I stick the bottle an' glass in front of her - what in Sam Hell was I supposed t'do, not hand it over? She looked like she coulda strangled me with her hands if'n she were so inclined!

So, there I was, leanin' on the counter an' talkin' to this woman - miss Kadam, as I learned - over a full bottle of scotch, when she shoots a wink at me, stands up and whirls about, drawing the hunk of steel and aiming it at a poor bitch who'd been there a couple a' days, waitin' fer a Card to show up.

Th' woman who'd been waiting, I knew her number. She had a Card, too; the odd one that couldn't shoot nobody straight on. Probably didn't expect Kadam t'just whirl about and draw her Card, judgin' by her face.

I'll never forget the glowing yellow 7 with th' tail end curling into an inverted club symbol. Pretty hard not to, with it being emblazoned on th' side of th' grip. Weirdest thing I noticed about th' Seven a' Clubs Card was that it was a one-shot, almost like a pig-iron shotgun, break-open breach an' all.

From there, it went more sour than yer mamma's old boots. Ocho, as she'd proclaimed a couple a' times, blasted around th' unfazed Kadam, an' I will swear by countless alcoholic spirits behind th' bar, she didn't so much as blink.

After th' dust cleared an' Ocho's hands stopped shakin', Kadam looked like she'd been dragged face-first through a glass factory. I'm talkin' shards th' size of yer finger all through her clothing. But no, instead a' droppin' to th' ground like a pair of sodden linens off a balcony, she strode, calm as can be, over to the slowly panicking Ocho and smirked.

I heard her say "You made one mistake. Killing Jack, but letting me live." Then, without a second thought, Ocho's shoulder became a spray of blood along the wall. After Ocho had passed out from screaming, Kadam tossed another handful a' dollars at me, stating that it was 'for the damages'. She then went over to the town doc, passed out right on his doorstep. Doc told me she damn near died on his table, only lived when she loaded that pistol of hers, and even then, only enough t' get on her feet.

Couple days later, she walked back in, lookin' like hell itself, an' thanked me fer th' drink. Moment was quickly ruined, however, when she blasted a local outlaw who'd only just came through th' doors a half-minute before her. Said she'd been tailin' him fer a day an' a half, without food or scotch, before she promptly dropped. Barely saved her life a second time.

Others'll tell ya she's got some hidden vest an' food on her at all times. Me, I know she's just Relentless when she needs t'be. It's what she named her Card, after all.

- Rakdos

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