Seven of Diamonds: 'Jackpot'

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Seven of Diamonds. "Jackpot" they calls it... Prettiest gun I ever saw, like ol' King Midas touched it like a lover hisself.. Doesn't rightly make sense neither. Y'd think a gun made-a gold'd melt when it shot somethin', and them seven diamonds spiralin' about th' hilt'd rattle off when it fired.. Hell, I even swear that thing's handle was made-a ivory.

Gaddarn if th' grinnin' feller holdin' it couldn't mess wit' a bullet with that thing. He made a shot 'n this very saloon, aimin' to bust some empty bottle he'd tossed into th' air. I swear, it shot right through the dead center of th' thing and came out th' other end, bullet bounced off th' chandelier, banged off th' spittoon, shot right through th' same bottle while it was still in the air! Hit th' piano next! It start's playin' some tune I swore I never heard on there before and ain't heard again, and gaddarn if it didn' hit the chandelier again shoot through that bottle while it's ass was a pointin' straight up in the air, an put a hole in th' floor a perfect fit fer the pretty thing's neck!

Don' believe me? Th' same bottle's still up on th' counter, th' bit of the floor they had t' cut out to get th' thing outta the floor and the hole in th' bottom t' boot!

Grinnin' fool if y'ask me though.. I heard at least half a dozen men bust into his room t' kill him fer it the same night he showed it off.. Dunno if he got away, but I never did see 'im again, nor'd anyone see the idiot's that broke inter his room..

I tell ya though, I had somethin' like that, I wouldn' be showin' it off.. I'd be paranoid as hell, wavin' that thing around's just askin' fer trouble..


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