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The Shadow Hawk, also spelled Shadowhawk, is a Medium BattleMech known for being based on the titular mecha from the 1981 anime Fang of The Sun Dougram which was one of the main inspirations for BattleTech. While not necessarily the best or most iconic, it is known for being one of the most balanced BattleMechs and, being based on Dougram, is heavily respected on /m/. Due to copyright reasons it could not be used until it was redesigned, becoming one the "Unseen" mecha.


The Shadow Hawk was created by Lang Industries be one of the very first BattleMechs ever constructed serving as a multipurpose war machine. Despite weighing 55 tons it is very fast and maneuverable compared to its peers as it has a top speed of 86 kilometers per hour and possesses a powerful jump pack.


  • Mother fucking 5-tube launcher on the right shoulder
  • Mother fucking missile launchers on each side of the head
  • Mother fucking laser gun on the right arm
  • Mother fucking autocannon on the back mounted on the left shoulder, each ammo round being a fuck your shit ton

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