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The biggest of the big, these are a step-up from your typical Eldar Laser Weapons and, like their Imperial counterparts, are only mounted on the biggest vehicles of the Eldar both Craftworlders and Edgy. Although in this case, they are all primarily ship weapons from the Fleets of Commorragh and the Eldar Space Fleet.

Naval Lascannon[edit]

Naval Lascannon

Yes, the Eldar have their own version of the Lascannon with literally the exact same name. Despite this, the scale is built to Battlefleet Gothic sizes. Why Focus Interactive decided to just name them the generic Lascannon despite have other fancy alternatives, we have no idea.

Anyways, Naval Lascannons are considered the Asuryani's equivalent of a Macrocannon, whereas the Eldar Corsairs would rather opt for the Heavy Starcannon as their equivalents. Whilst they should technically be classified as a 'Pulse' weapons, in functionality, they are anything but. Behaving more like short-ranged rapid-firing Multilasers than an actual Lascannon.

In gameplay terms, this means that the Craftworlders have one of the most longes-ranged DPS in the game with literal pin-point accuracy when compared to the Heavy Starcannon. They also hit like a truck. However, Craftworld ships carry fewer Naval Lascannons whilst their more piratical cousins could host several Heavy Starcannons. So it is best used against larger ships whilst the Heavy Starcannon is more suited for swarms of smaller spacecraft.

Shadow Lance[edit]

Shadow Lance

The smallest of the 'lance' weapons and the first of the notorious dick guns.

Eldar Shadow Lances are smaller Lances used on lighter vessels that can not generate the power necessary for Pulsar Lances. They are most commonly equipped to Shadowhunter Escorts and are used to harass much larger vessels despite their diminutive size.

Despite being not as strong as its larger cousins, this is still considered a Lance Weapon mind you. In Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II, this weapon makes Eldar Craftworld escorts to punch way above their weight, hurting Void shields and punching enemy armour that is several tonnage above its weight class.

Compared to the much larger Pulsar Lance, this is far cheaper and more energy-efficient (AKA more shots) than its bigger cousin.

Phantom Lance[edit]

Phantom Lance

The Phantom Lance is a type of Lance used by Eldar warships and is considered the middle-step child of the bunch.

The Phantom Lance is used by both Craftworld Eldar and Dark Eldar. Phantom Lances are lower-powered Pulsar Lances designed to be mounted on lighter Eldar ships as the power drain for Pulsar Lances are too much for many smaller ships to handle.

For the Dark Eldar however, Phantom Lances are the only anti-ship Lance Weapons they have. At the very least, due to its low power output, one could actually mount a few of these things on the ships' keel, the Dark Eldar being Dark Eldar, followed that design philosophy. So while one Phantom Lance may deal less damage than a Pulsar Lance, several of them could rapidly strip away void shields like nothing, due to sheer DPS.

Phantom Lances from the Dark Eldar are dark purple, whilst those from conventional Eldar factions shoot out blue. Because of course 40k follows the Star Wars example of colour coded factions for your convenience.

Pulsar Lance[edit]

Pulsar Lance

The biggest Dick both figuratively and literally.

The big cousin of the Shadow Lance. Eldar Pulsar Lances are used on their spacecraft and are some of the most deadly weapons in space. They fire bursts of high-energy laser bolts and more often than not many of them will hit a target, rather than the single beam produced by Imperial vessels.

Mounted on both the Hemlock-class Destroyer and the Hellebore-class Frigate, the Pulsar Lance is a serious beat stick gifted to the Eldar Corsairs in the early game. Although larger Corsair ships could also mount these, in terms of per-point cost, this weapon make these escorts punch way above its weight that not even the Shadow Lance could compare. Say what you will and mock its comically overlycompensated dick cannon, you will immediately stop laughing when several escorts would suddenly delete your shields in less than a few seconds and powerdrill through the rear engines of your Battleship like a power-dildo.

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