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When Anonymous discovered the 4e Drama Cards, he decided that there should be a cyberpunk/Shadowrun version.

The Shadowrun Drama Cards are that version.

Get them here, and get the MSE files here

OP's Post[edit]

For the tl;dr among us, the overall goal is to create a deck of cards that players can use as a semi meta ability to manipulate plot. Small things like being able to have their characters suddenly remember an appropriate contact, to being able to force the GM to keep an NPC recurring.

To Do[edit]

Flavour text for all cards.

Remove cards with similar effects, possibly make Condition OR Condition cards.

Resolve card imbalance by separating them into multiple categories.

Make more cards. Possibly expanding on existing themes (We have Pink Mohawk. Why not Mirrorshades and Black Trenchcoat)


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