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Sometimes, you enter a scenario where you're both lacking in midgets and John Wicks whilst facing against an annoyingly tough enemy that just would not die. Sometimes, you just want to blow the fucker's brains out and get it over and done with. Worry not, with the innumerable number of meatshields Guardsmen, you will eventually find one who has a keen eyesight and fast reflexes.


Sharpshooters as their name obviously implies, are the snipers of the Imperial Guard. They often come standard with a Long-Las as per normal and wear Flak Armour with chameleoline to disguise themselves, although some regiments may opt for a conventional Sniper Rifle if need be. Rarer still, are those who use a Needle Sniper Rifle or a Needle Pistol as their sidearm, but the number of folks who can master this overly complicated trainwreck could be counted on just one hand.

In battle, the sharpshooter operates as part of his squad or platoon, serving as a line trooper according to the specific doctrines of his regiment. In many cases, the presence of a sharpshooter in a unit is not at all obvious, especially where the designation is an informal one. In other cases, the sharpshooter might wear some form of a badge or other insignia, though generally in such a manner that enemy snipers cannot pick him out from his peers.

The Troopers who possess these particular and deadly skills often carry specialized targeting equipment. Usually, this includes a powerful scope mounted on the main weapon, but sometimes takes the form of helmet-mounted sighting devices or even permanently grafted-on cybernetic augmentations.

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