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Shaundakul symbol.webp
Aliases The Helping Hand, The Rider of the Winds
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Divine Rank Lesser Deity
Pantheon Faerûn
Portfolio Caravans, exploration, miners, portals, travel
Domains 3E: Air, Chaos, Portal, Protection, Trade, Travel
4E: NA (AWOL during the Spellplague)
5E: Same as 3rd
Home Plane Great Wheel: Gates of the Moon (Ysgard)
World Tree: Quarter of the Great Wheel (Gates of the Moon)
World Axis: Great Wheel (Gates of the Moon)
Worshippers Portal-walkers, caravaneers, explorers, rangers, half-elves
Favoured Weapon The Sword of Shadows (Greatsword)

Shaundakul, the Rider of Winds, is a lesser deity of explorers and travelers in the Forgotten Realms, particularly those who have the balls to venture first into uncharted or unknown territory and distant lands. The majority of his worshippers are caravanners, though he also counts rangers, explorers, and miners among his faithful.


Shaundakul is old diety, existing as an intermediate diety in the Moonsea area even before Tyche was sundered into Tymora and Beshaba. With the collapse of Myth Drannor, worship in him declined to the point where he was barely a demigod in status, which was NOT helped by the slander spread by Beshaba among the Bedine in the Anauroch desert.

He somewhat recovered after the Time of Troubles, and rose back to being a lesser deity, as many of Waukeen's faithful turned to him in Waukeen's absence. In this time, he was given the portfolio of Portals from Ao as well.

Shaundakul was one of the deities that vanished without a trace when the Spellplague erupted, but has returned recently at the head of a vast caravan of lost people and creatures that he had rescued while he himself was lost on the planes.


Shaundakul isn't really popular among the cities of the Realms, but he has many a roadside shrine set up in his name, particularly in the North. There is no real formal hierarchy among his followers, though those who already were priests prior to the Time of Troubles are held in high esteem.

His clerics normally multi-class as Rangers.

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