Sheela Peryroyl

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Sheela Peryroyl
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A daisy
Aliases Green Sister, Watchful Mother, the Wise
Alignment True Neutral
Divine Rank Intermediate Goddess
Pantheon Yondalla's Children (Halfling)
Portfolio Nature, Weather, Agriculture, Song, Dance
Domains 3E: Air, Charm, Halfling, Plant
5E: Nature, Tempest
Home Plane Flowering Hill (Outlands)
Worshippers Halfling Druids, Rangers, Farmers
Favoured Weapon Oakthorn (Sickle)

Sheela Peryroyl is the halfling goddess of nature, agriculture, song and dance, beauty and romance. Her clerics (and often druids) protect the harvests of the halflings, sanctify marriages and protect halfling communities from beasts. In return they ask that the wilds are treated with respect and that animals have ample space to live. They also organize celebrations every month to strengthen the bonds between communities. Sheela Peryroyl is seen as a level-headed diplomat amongst the gods and is often called upon to mediate disputes between various gods.