Sheyanna Flaxenstrand

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Sheyanna Flaxenstrand
Sheyanna Flaxenstrand holy symbol.jpg
Twin Goblets
Alignment Chaotic Good
Divine Rank Intermediate Goddess
Pantheon Gnome
Portfolio Love, Beauty, Passion
Domains 3E: Chaos, Fire, Good, Healing
5E: Light
Home Plane Golden Hills
Worshippers Gnomes, Lovers, The Beautiful, Beauticians, Matchmakers, Midwives
Favoured Weapon Hearthlight (Heavy Flail)

Sheyanna Flaxenstrand is the Gnome Goddess of Love, Beauty and Passion in the multiverse of Dungeons & Dragons. She is said to appear as a delicate, blond-haired gnomish princess of unimaginable beauty, with a smile that can melt the iciest of hearts. Like most gnome gods, she carries an intelligent magical item as her boon companion, in the form of Hearthlight; a golden torch that can light her way - or, when danger threatens, be used both as a brutal cudgel or to spew fountains of flame wherever she aims it.

Sheyanna's one true care is the act of filling the hearts of mortal gnomes with passion, and forging true bonds of love. Such is her devotion to this role that she herself remains single, although many gnomish legends tell of the love triangle between herself, the divine patriach Garl Glittergold, and Garl's dark twin, Gelf Darkhearth.

Much like Sharindlar of the Morndinsamman, Sheyanna is not much of an adventurer's goddess. Her concern is promoting love, wedding and childbirth in the gnomish races; whilst she does occasionally set her faithful priests upon quests, they invariably revolve around such themes, such as rescuing an imprisoned gnome wife, guarding a gnomish bridegroom on his journey to the wedding, or acting as an emissary between two gnome nobles during a marital dispute. Her primary role of her faith in gnomish life is performing the marriage rite, although they also bless babies and perform, quote, "a number of fertility rites". In fact, Sheyanna rarely has her own dedicated temple; instead, her clerics maintain small additions built onto the temples of Garl Glittergold; gnomish brides typically wait here in cloistered chambers before entering Garl's temple for the actual ceremony.

Obviously, Sheyanna's clerics tend to be chosen from the most attractive gnomes around-- although the jokes that they are trained extensively in the amorous arts aren't quite true.

Many of Sheyanna’s prayers are sung as ballads that “court” Sheyanna, praising her beauty and other romantic qualities, and then asking for a reciprocal token of her esteem.

Her herald is a ghaele eladrin with the power of a 20th level cleric. Her allies are eladrin (bralani and ghaele) and Huge-sized fire elementals.

Publication History[edit]

Sheyanna Flaxenstrand is one of the four gnome deities added to the Lords of the Golden Hills in the Races of Stone splatbook for Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition. Precisely why they were invented will perhaps forever remain a mystery. For Sheyanna, at least, it might be to finally break up the sausagefest of the gnomish pantheon; she's the only gnome goddess that has been invented in 5 editions of D&D! Even the Morndinsamman has more women in it! ...At least, she was the only gnomish goddess, until 5e decided to genderbend the gods of Nature, Science, Deceit and War to make for more feminine gnomish deities.

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