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Mielikki symbol.jpg
Aliases Khalreshaar, Khelliara, the Forest Queen, Our Lady of the Forest, the Supreme Ranger
Alignment Neutral Good
Divine Rank Intermediate Goddess
Pantheon Faerûn, Finnish
Portfolio Animals, Forest Creatures, Forests, Dryads, Autumn
Domains 3E: Animal, Good, Plant, Travel
4E: Freedom, Wilderness
5E: Nature
Home Plane Great Wheel: The Grove of Unicorns (Beastlands)
World Tree: The Grove of Unicorns (House of Nature)
World Axis: Deep Wilds
Worshippers Druids, Dryads, Rangers, Elves, Gnomes, Halflings, Foresters
Favoured Weapon Hornblade (Scimitar)

Mielikki is the goddess of good woodland creatures, Fey, Druids and Rangers in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting. Based on the Finnish goddess of forests and the hunt who goes by the same name.


She is often considered the daughter of Silvanus although the two don't always see eye to eye on how to manage nature.

She is heavily associated with unicorns: her symbol is a unicorn, she spends her time in the Grove of Unicorns and her closest friend is a demigod unicorn.

If you think this sounds familiar then you're not wrong. You'd be taking the piss if you can't see that Mielikki and Ehlonna are the same Deity. Their portfolios and cosmology are virtually identical, with only plot points separating them and the number of siblings/servants she has, mostly because the Forgotten Realms setting squeezes in as many gods as possible, so there comes a slight dilution in portfolio.

As her father Silvanus is regarded as an interloper deity, so too could Mielikki and her sibling Eldath, though some cultists in the realms believe her mother was Hanali Celanil, making her a half-elven deity; Indeed Mielikki is often depicted as either a human or an elf at different times. Whether this is true or not, she doesn't have much involvement in the affairs of the Realms beyond tending to her portfolio.


Mielikki is immensely popular compared to her "core" counterpart Ehlonna for one very big reason: Drizzt Do'Urden.

Because of the popularity of that single sexy Elf, every fanboy and their dog worship Mielikki in imitation.

From a rules perspective, Mielikki doesn't actually have any of her own prestige class options because the Forgotten Realms tends to focus on more active deities. However, unofficially, any prestige class that followers of Ehlonna can qualify for should be made available to followers of Mielikki since they are practically the same thing.

Servants / Exarchs[edit]

Mielikki has a plethora of demigod servants at her disposal, which means that although her divine portfolio on its own isnt quite as encompassing as her counterpart Elhonna's is, when you put them all together and combine it with her sister Eldath, you end up with a powerful little pantheon of nature gods which you could consider Silvanus to be the overgod for.


Lurue symbol.jpg
Aliases Lurae, Silverymoon, Yathaghera, the Divine Beast, Queen of Talking Beasts, the Unicorn, the Unicorn Queen
Alignment Chaotic Good
Divine Rank Demigoddess
Pantheon Faerûn
Portfolio Intelligent/Talking Animals
Domains Animal, Chaos, Good, Healing
Home Plane Great Wheel: Prime Material Plane (Faerûn)
World Tree: House of Nature
World Axis: Deep Wilds
Worshippers Druids, Rangers, Bards, Travellers, Furries
Favoured Weapon A Unicorn Horn (Shortspear)

The aforementioned faithful steed of Mielikki is a demigoddess unicorn called Lurue. Her "Core" counterpart is Valerian.

One big deviation is that Lurue is female, and can take an uber-hot humanoid form, complete with horn in the middle of her forehead, when not being ridden around by Mielikki. Therefore fulfilling Rule 63 and Rule 34 at the same time.

She is the daughter of Selûne, which makes her the half-sister of Chauntea and most of the other major deities at the top of the pantheon. Her father is believed to be Eachthighern (a half-unicorn, half-pegasus Archfey) though when confronted directly about this Lurue gets confused and lays no claim to any relation, though quite possibly this is because Eachthighern is not native to Toril and resides elsewhere.

In her own right, she is revered as the queen of intelligent animals and forms a duo with Nobanion over the rulership of such creatures, though the two aren't married, just close allies, though back in 2e she was considering building her own realm in the Beastlands to be closer to him.

Interestingly, Clerics of Lurue all have their eyes turn deep blue or purple upon their initiation.

Also, the city of Silverymoon was named for her, after she and Mielikki rode into the original village and fell in love with an inn there, blessing the town which would later grow into a major city of the Northern Realms.


Aliases The Winged Queen
Alignment Chaotic Good
Divine Rank Demigoddess
Pantheon Faerûn
Portfolio Pegasi & Unicorns of Evermeet
Domains Animal, Chaos, Good
Home Plane Prime Material Plane (Faerûn)
Worshippers Pegasi, Elves

Definitely the most obscure of Mielikki's servitors, Yathaghera is a Prime-bound demigoddess who dwells on the elfin island of Evermeet. Queen of the pegasus flocks and unicorn herds that dwell on Evermeet, she appears as a magnificent female pegasus with silver mane and rainbow-colored wings. She is generally believed to be a daughter of Eachthighern and the younger sister of the more well-known and powerful Lurue, but many non-elves who are aware of her suspect that she is little more than an aspect of Lurue which the Unicorn Goddess wears to attract elven worshippers.

Publishing-wise, Yathaghera appears only in the AD&D splatbooks "Elves of Evermeet" (which presents her as an independent demigoddess) and "Powers & Pantheons" (where she is suggested to be an aspect of Lurue). The article “Forgotten Deities: Lurue; Nobanion” in Polyhedron Magazine #115 suggests that she is Lurue's younger sister.

Gwaeron Windstrom[edit]

Gwaeron Windstrom
Windstrom symbol.jpeg
Paw print with a five-pointed star in its center
Aliases Master Tracker, the Mouth of Mielikki, Tracker who Never Goes Astray
Alignment Neutral Good
Divine Rank Demigod
Pantheon Faerûn
Portfolio Tracking, Hunting
Domains 3E: Animal, Good, Knowledge, Plants, Travel
5E: Knowledge, Nature
Home Plane Great Wheel: Prime Material Plane (Faerûn)
World Tree: House of Nature
World Axis: Deep Wilds
Worshippers Rangers, Druids, Troll Hunters
Favoured Weapon Flameheart (Greatsword)

This guy started out as a mortal who was really good at tracking and was so good that he even managed to track down and slay several manifestations of the beast god, Malar. So Mielikki raised him up to a demigod.

His problem is that his portfolio is so freaking specific and not that much different from Mielikki's at all. He has no organised clergy away from the church of Mielikki, they even share the same holy places and observances. So people who meet a Cleric or Druid of Gwaeron Windstrom might not have actually realised that he was actually a god at all and merely some proxy or a herald. This means that he is in real danger of becoming forgotten about and just being absorbed into Mielikki.

This probably isn't a terrible fate for him, since at least he would be joining his own goddess rather than being reduced to nothingness by some enemy.


Shiallia symbol.jpeg
Golden acorn
Aliases Dancer in the Glades, Daughter of the High Forest, the Golden, the Lady of the Woods, Sister Goddess
Alignment Neutral Good
Divine Rank Demigoddess
Pantheon Faerûn
Portfolio Fertility, Celebrations of Life, Pregnancy, Children
Domains Animal, Good, Plants, Renewal
Home Plane Great Wheel: The High Glade (Beastlands)
World Tree: The High Glade (House of Nature)
World Axis: Deep Wilds
Worshippers Druids, Farmers, Gardeners, people who want children
Favoured Weapon Forest's Friend (Quarterstaff)

Shiallia is the daughter of Tapann, the patron deity of the Korred species (imagine a really hairy Gnome) and either Mielikki herself, or the dwarven goddess Sharindlar, or the gestalt Uthgart Tree Spirit. So she has a rare case of her paternity not bring in question, but several potential mothers all going "it's not mine!"

In any case, Shallia appears as a beautiful Korred whose mission is to promote the doctrine of "go forth and multiply" as holy writ.

She is a patron goddess of children, making it her business to ensure that young ones are kept safe whenever they enter woodland areas.

Her followers plant things wherever they go, but unlike the church of Chauntea the act of growing is good enough, not necessarily promoting agriculture or long term planning. So expect random assortments of flowers to pop up in their wakes.


Mielikki and her godlings reside in the House of Nature which is almost certainly a subrealm of the Beastlands. The realm is inherently good, and utterly given over to nature.

Petitioners who come here start out appearing much as they did in life, but over time their form slowly takes on animal traits; eventually culminating with them becoming true celestial animals and losing their minds where they becoming one with the plane.

Mielikki's Realm is the Grove of Unicorns, though it has no major features other than there are a lot of unicorns here.