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The famous Rageface

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF... Rage is the most important fuel on which the neckbeard runs (with meatbread coming at a close second), and the only way to get his share of rage is to grapple the troll whenever he appears on /tg/. Here is a summary of the things /tg/ hates and the most common sources of trolling.

Sometimes known as Raeg, never to be confused with Raege, or there will be rage. Also, this has nothing to do with that boring 2011 video game.

Things that /tg/ Loves to Hate[edit]


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P.S: If your Rage can be heard a) on the other side of the Planet, b) in Space, c) in Limbo AND d) by your own Son twenty Years into the Future, then you're doing something right! Or not. Depends on who's at the receiving end.


Also, read this. Seriously, keep reading you won't be disappointed. http://1d4chan.org/wiki/File:Slaanesh's_sacrifice.pdf