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Shivaska the Chained Maiden is one of the most unusual of Demon Princes, in that she claims dominion over a race of aberrations, who are normally "beyond" the reach of demons. Demon Princess of Aberrations, Prisons and Clocks (for some reason), Shivaska appears as a massive female choker with four arms and four legs, an unnaturally large mouth, an eyeless face, eyes in the palms of her hands, and a dozen long, hook-tipped chains that erupt from her back and writhe around like tentacles.

Shivaska has an obsession with time; her unholy symbol is a clockface with 13 hours marked on it, and her palace in her Abyssal realm of the Winding Wood (itself a gloomy, temperate forest), the Ticking House, takes the form of a huge workhouse dominated by a clock-tower that counts from 1 to 13. The Ticking House is kept running by the constant labors of an army of abducted mortal children, and as a result her cult has a particular fondness for raiding or actually running orphanages, in order to provide a constant supply of victims.

Needless to say, Shivaska is most worshipped (aside from by chokers, of course) by sadistic wardens and guards, slavers, and corrupt business owners willing to make use of child labor. She also has a minority following of masochistic bondage freaks; this is because her worship, which must start at the exact beginning of an hour, requires binding oneself with chains, rope, manacles, straitjacket or other such implements and spending an hour praying to Shivaska whilst struggling against one's bindings deep enough to leave visible marks for the rest of the day.

To those willing to worship her in this way, she grants increased protection against combat maneuvers, spell-like abilities relating to inflicting confusion/paralysis/exhaustion, to cast Binding with a touch, and the ability to produce a Time Stop.

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