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The female version of Faptau. She likes schlicking. A lot. Even during fights, which the Fire Caste does not approve of.

She is sometimes depicted with an upside-down forehead slit, sometimes not, and no account of this anomaly has been given so far. Upside down forehead-things are however forever known as Schlick-slits in her honour. Tell your friends, and their children why!

Since her creation, she has been shipped with Chem-chan, and shares a platonic relationship with Faptau.

She is also the reason why fa/tg/uys always depict tau girls as having short hair, thus supplanting the classic Samus ponytail that earlier OCs would feature (Fuc'Myr and Do'Myr, namely).

This fact, and her love of sundresses and makeup, lead us to believe that Schlicktau is a major authority in tau /fa/shion. Or possibly she is a total aberrant, the tau Lady GaGa, but as long as she keeps the schlicktrain sticky, no-one is ever going to give a flying fuck. Thus proving that if you want /tg/ to read far too much into the tiny shitty details of your character, then you best make damn sure she shown with three feet of dildo up her vagoo.