Shokkjump Dragsta

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A new Ork vehicle from the 2018 Orktober event, as a Speed Freek vehicle, it is designed for XTREME SPEED!!! The Shokkjump Dragstas are close-range Ork attack vehicles that use repurposed shokk-attack technology in battle to project themselves ahead of or directly into the Orks' enemies for MAXIMUM ROADKILL. It is also armed with several Rokkits for killing tougher enemy armor, a row of slicing blades that will mulch and turn any human-sized enemy into burger patties, and a smaller Shokk Attack Rifle that hits almost as hard as the full-sized version- and with greater accuracy too thanks to its Grot gunner and targeting squig.

Originally conceived by the Mad Mek Gungubbinz after he somehow managed to fire himself out of his own Shokk Attack Gun and live, the Shokkjump Dragsta incorporates part of a Shokk Attack Gun into its engine, allowing it to teleport short distances at will. Needless to say, most of the Dragsta's drivers tend to be not completely sane.

Being low to the ground and surprisingly aerodynamic (at least for an Ork vehicle), the Shokkjump Dragsta is a remarkable feat of engineering. Wide, slick tires, spiky spoilers and a HUGE air intake give it a pleasingly serious air, which is offset by the Ork icons, rivets and grinding blades at the front. A Grot rides shotgun – well, shokk gun; this fearsome weapon is mounted to the side.

It may or may not be the spiritual successor of the Speedsta and its variants, the similarly named Dragsters. It is only a matter of time until someone makes one that looks like a Delorean. Someone already did![1] ORK TO DA FUTURE BABY!!


Lacking the sheer volume of firepower of the other Speed Freek buggies, the Shokkjump Dragsta is perhaps best used as a wildcard and assassination unit. Every time this vehicle Advances, on a 4+ it can reappear to anywhere on the table that is not within 9" of an enemy model, due to its Shokk Tunnel ability. In this way it can easily bring its firepower to bear on critical units such as backfield artillery and unattended characters. For this purpose the Kustom Shokk Rifle is an Assault 2, S8, Ap-3 weapon doing D6 wounds per hit at a 24" range. Due to the Grot Gunner and Targeting Squig, this weapon is one of the few in the Ork army list that hits on a BS of 3+ (4+ if advancing). The single Rokkit Launcha adds additional anti-tank firepower, while the Dragsta's Saw Blades can be used in melee at S6, AP-1, with 4 attacks hitting on a 4+. With some decent rolling the Shokkjump Dragsta can eliminate or at least seriously harm its target, and then in the next turn either flash away again or stay in the area to follow up with an additional round of shooting and/or a melee charge.

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