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Shon'tu was supposedly a mighty warlord who ruled much of the galaxy during the Dark Age of Technology.

But this article's not about him: this is about the new one. You see, this Shon'tu is a Warsmith of the Iron Warriors who is convinced that he is that other guy reborn. Unlike Eliphas, there is no proof they are the same person- it's more likely that he's just some crazy dude who thinks he is. This guy wants to relive all of "his" past deeds and surpass all others, even Horus and Abaddon, which is a pretty tall order.

The craziest part is he seems to be slowly pulling it off.

Some of his most notable deeds was being the guy to torture Darnath Lysander after getting lost in the Warp. Namely rants over how awesome he is. Lysander swore revenge after breaking free, and they've been archenemies ever since then. After an attack on two Imperial Fists star forts, he decided to go a step further and take out Terra itself. How, you ask, did he do this? He found a Tyranid Hive Ship (this was at the time when no one else knew about the other Hive Fleets), shoved it into a Space Hulk, wired a captured Navigator into the controls and forced him to send it straight to Terra. While the Navigator was able to pull it off course by 100 light years (which is close by astronomical terms), it did result in the death of the Imperial Fists Chapter Master.

It is also noted that unlike most Iron Warriors, Shon'tu is willing to work with daemons. In fact, the sheer amount of Daemon weapons and Daemon Engines he has (and makes) would imply he's really a WARPsmith, which is something his fellow Iron Warriors view as weak; the feeling is mutual, as Shon'tu believes they're just too cowardly to realize how much power can be gained by making pacts with Daemons. For a guy who's crazy even by Chaos Space Marine standards, he has a point - *they* never invaded the Phalanx with the help of the Daemon Prince Be'lakor, while most of the Imperial Fists were busy fighting the 13th Black Crusade.

He was thought dead at Lysander's hand after the Imperial Fists came back to Malodrax to get his hammer back (and also fuck some Chaos bitches up, but mostly grab his hammer). However, several high-ranking Iron Warriors were later found dead and disemboweled with the words "Shon'tu lives" written in blood across their armor. Your guess is as good as ours, since this could go a couple o' different ways. He must have survived that though, as during his assault on the Phalanx, he's anticlimactically killed by the Terminators of the Imperial Fists.


Strictly speaking, Shon'tu doesn't have his own unique rules, but one of the missions in the Sentinels of Terra supplement can have Chaos Space Marines include him as a Warlord. Shon'tu is represented by a Warpsmith with the Mark of Tzeentch, a Sigil of Corruption, and a Power Axe. Which is odd, since being Warsmith he should be based on a Chaos Lord.

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