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Tractor Weapons are unusual pieces of technology that is basically taking the tractor beam from Star Trek and weaponizing it. Essentially a form of electromagnetic weapons, Tractor technology is most (And only) used by Orks. Whilst Tractor Weapons have some similarities with Grav-Weaponry, they differ in that Grav guns alters the mass of a target to near breaking point, crushing the target under its own weight. Whereas Tractor weapons uses electromagnetism to literally fling their targets into buildings, mountains, foliage, in the air or into each other to maximize potential damage through kinetic force.

One thing to note is that Tractor Weapons aren't really weapons at all but is used as a piece of tool to conveniently lift and move objects so heavy that not even tracked vehicles can carry them safely. Its just that they are so good at their jobs they happen to find its place as one of the primary anti-vehicle tools for the Ork horde.

As such, only Gargants and Stompas are large enough to carry both the weapons and its power source. Although smaller vehicles such as Mega-Dreads could field a smaller variant of a Traktor Weapon.

Smasha Gun[edit]

Smasha Gun

The smallest of the Traktor Weapons.

The Smasha Gun is an Ork weapon based on Lifta-droppa technology. It works by trapping it’s target in a localized force field, hoisting them aloft and, with horrible finality, crushing them against the ground. Smasha Gun is most commonly used as a Mek Gun.

Like its bigger brothers, the Smasha Gun uses electromagnetism to manipulate its target's own mass as a weapon via kinetic force. Bones are broken and blood vessels burst from the impact on being smashed face first on the ground by a weapon that turns you into a puppet.

Its rules can be read in the Mek Gunz page.

Traktor Kannon[edit]

Traktor Kannon

The Smasha Gun's bigger brother.

Traktor Kannon is an Ork weapon akin to a massive magnet. When the weapon fires it’s thrumming beam of force high into the air, the crew swing this beam about wildly until they manage to latch the humming column onto an airborne target. Once captured by the beam, their hapless victim is wrenched out of the air and smashed on the ground below. It is most commonly used as a Mek Gun.

In previous fluff, the gun was used to scatter formations by dragging large objects through them, or even firing the cannon at troops. This throws them around as if they were in a storm. Vehicles and buildings can be torn apart by the forces applied to them.

Due to power restraints, the beam is fired in bursts, which provides a brief period of time for forces to regroup, rather than in one continuous shot. If something goes wrong, it is common for the polarity of the beam to be reversed, thereby dragging the Kannon towards the enemy target, or even for it to overheat, preventing it from keeping up a high rate of fire.

Its rules can be read in the Mek Gunz page.



To see the vehicle, click here: Magna-Kannon

Basically the spiritual precursor of all Tractor weapons and looking like a Looney Tunes ACME weapon.

The Magna-Kannon, also referred to as the Doom Diver is an outlandish and bizarre Ork technology created by Mekboyz. It is unknown whether this is the name for the weapon it carries or the vehicle itself. An anti-aircraft weapon, the Magna-Kannon consists of a huge electro-magnet which can be used at considerable distances. Pointed at the sky, enemy aircrafts are grabbed by the magnetic field and can then be sent crashing into whatever direction the crew desires by turning the magnet.



The Lifta-Droppa's smaller son.

A shunta is an experimental Ork energy weapon - compact magneto-gravitic 'tractor' gun, similar to Lifta-Droppa. When used as a weapon it hurls a 'bubble' of force that smashes into its target like a solid wall, pulverising flesh and crushing machinery with a force of a giant hammer. Shunta is particularly effective against enemy vehicles and can usually be found only on Ork Meka Dreads.

In contrast to the much bigger Lifta-Droppa, the Shunta is not the best for anti-vehicle fire, although it is still decent. What it DOES do however, is that it prevents vehicles from advancing next turn if you wound them up enough.



Also known as a Hand of Gork, Lifta-Droppa is a large magno-tracktor beam powered by an 'atom-smasha' reactor, able to move huge objects from a distance. They are useful as tools for moving heavy parts about, demolishing buildings and clearing scrap. In battle Orks can hurl enemy tanks around as toys with it.

The massive ‘Traktor’ beam can lift enemy vehicles, drag them through the air and drop them, usually atop the enemy troops or even other vehicles. It causes havoc and destruction among enemy ranks, pleasing to any Ork. This massive weapon can be mounted on Stompas. It can also be found on Battlewagons, but given that is a large and temperamental weapon needing a dangerous power supply, only Orks can be reckless enough to mount it on such a small vehicle.

The act of making the Lifta-Droppa even more powerful at the cost of safety and stability is not lost on the Orks. Many Meks jury-rig their Lifta-Droppas by dangerously overloading their power supply. It can be used in this fashion to fire an energy blast of titanic proportions, but there's a high risk of its destruction (How it can fire a blast of electromagnetism is unknown, but any vehicle being hit would be a death sentence as it is basically a giant EMP gun on steroids).

On 8th Edition, the effectiveness of the Lifta-Droppa damage output is limited by its number of hits. It can't do enough damage to threaten enemy vehicles, and it lacks the output to deal with any substantial hordes. Unless you are going against an elite heavy army with expensive 1W models, this thing is more of a point sink then a boon.



The big cheese of the Traktor Weapon family.

The Supa-Lifta-Droppa is bigger and much more potent variant of Lifta-Droppa mounted exclusively on Ork Mega-Gargants. These Lifta-Droppas are so immense and powerful that it can lift entire platoons of tanks in the air and chuck them like a hyper violent toddler tossing its toys around.

It is so powerful that it can even be a threat to Titans. If we put in the Square Cube Law into affect, it can turn the Titan's own immense weight against itself as the strain on upholding these machines would simply cave in; lifting them up and dropping down from a height most likely to shatter the Titan's joints, causing it to fall over.

Like the normal Lifta-Droppa, the Supa-Lifta-Droppa can be overloaded, turning its power level to over 9000. However, like the Lifta-Droppa, the chance of it exploding is quite sufficiently high.

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