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Silver chalice with a golden sun on the side
Aliases The Divine Right
Alignment 2E/3E: Lawful Neutral
4E: Lawful Good
Divine Rank Demigoddess
Pantheon Faerûn
Portfolio Human royalty, divine right to rule
Domains 3E: Knowledge, Law, Nobility, Planning
Home Plane Great Wheel: Prime Material Plane (Toril)
World Tree: Alabaster Palace (House of the Triad)
World Axis: Palace of the Four Suns (Eternal Sun)
Worshippers Leaders, nobles
Favoured Weapon Noble Might (Light Mace)

Siamorphe (pronounced "SEE-a-morf" (male) or "SIGH-a-morf" (female), cus reasons..) is the demigoddess of nobility and the divine right of rulers.


Siamorphe is just one of a long line of incarnations of the same deity, though they are not immortal in the same way that other deities are. Instead, when Siamorphe begins to die of old age, they choose a successor, preferably from their own direct lineage to carry on the mantle - hence keeping within the tradition of actual divine bloodlines.

As of the year 1262 DR, Siamorphe exists as a noble of Waterdeep that was resurrected following a riot. Her previous incarnation had died from a lack of worship, so the newer version made it her mission to ensure that nobles ruled correctly and fairly.

During the Time of Troubles, she was believed to have manifested in her temple in Waterdeep and spent her time protecting the city wards from the legions of Myrkul, which thankfully gave her reputation a boost to the point that she is celebrated in those city wards with a divine pageant every year, though the exact date each year changes according to her whim.

Siamorphe exists in several forms throughout the realms, most notably in the form of her actual avatar, but she also manifests as royal accouterments such as sceptres, swords or chalices; allowing herself to be wielded by those in rulership positions and thereby granting or removing her divine favour to those rulers so long as they uphold her ideals.


As the deity of nobility and royalty, it makes sense that her primary adherents would be individuals from those groups. Although her cult is small, considering that monarchs and nobles often choose some other, more significant deity to pray to as their focus of devotion. Conversely, those nations which actually have divine rulers (such as Mulhorand) tend to worship their own leaders for obvious reasons.

Not only that, but Siamorphe's dogma of nobles using their position to rule in the best manner possible to the benefit of all can often have the tendency to fall on deaf ears. As such, one of the previous incarnations of Siamorphe oversaw a cult that was so self-serving and decadent that worship of him reduced to a trickle, forcing him to choose a replacement and die.

Her clergy are referred to as the Scions of Siamorphe, in part due to the fact that many of her priests can claim direct descent from one of her incarnations. Her speciality priests were refered to as Highborns and had to claim direct descent of an established noble bloodline. This direct line of inheritance has the unfortunate effect of meaning that Siamorphe is not particularly well known outside of the noble classes as well-to-do nobles tend to shy away from missionary work; and she is even less well known outside of Waterdeep. Coupled with her limited portfolio means she has little chance of spreading her worship outward to anyone else.

Following the Time of Troubles, one of her clerics, the Marquise Aalangama Guilderhorn claimed to have a vision directly from Siamorphe, and moved to Tethyr where she founded an order of Knights called the Order of the Silver Chalice, who are composed primarily of those of noble blood (obviously) and sought to restore the shattered nobility of Tethyr to their rightful places.


Siamorphe moves around a lot, probably because she keeps getting reincarnated and because she is only a demi-power who spent a long time with no higher patron she does not have the ability to maintain a divine realm for particularly long (if at all).

In early editions her home plane was literally the Prime Material Plane, residing wherever her next incarnation was born. She later moved her residence to the House of the Triad, nestling it in the valley between Tyr's mountain and the mountain of Celestia, although she did not truly count any of the Triad as her allies and was practically couch surfing for a bit.

As of 4E, she finally attached herself to a higher power and became the Exarch of Amaunator and resided in Eternal Sun.

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