Sicarian Battle Armour

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Sleek and stylish.

A more sophisticated form of combat harness used by the Adeptus Mechanicus. The Sicarian Battle Armour, as its name suggests, is worn only by the Sicarian units of the Skitarii armed forces.


Given to advanced Skitarii such as Sicarian Ruststalkers and Sicarian Infiltrators, this multilayered alloy provides admirable protection despite being thin and flexible. This alloy is informally known as aegium and acts as a capacitor that harnesses the energy of incoming attacks and disperses it across the wearer's frame. This advanced technique makes this armour quite expensive to produce and maintain, however.

For better context, think of it as an active protection system (APS) of most modern-day armoured vehicles. The whole point of it is to trigger the missile before it actually impacts the main body, displacing and dispersing the concentrated energy apart and preventing it from penetrating. From our understanding, this aegium alloy acts like some kind of ultra-slippery/smooth substance that essentially behaves the same as an APS.

On tabletop, this automatically translates in giving the Sicarian a 4+/5++ save over a T3 unit. Much superior and tougher than the Skitarii War Plate.

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