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Shennanigus heard the great honk of Chaplains nose. The time has come. His old gears moaned as the dusty engines regained their mechanical vigor. He stood up and waddled on his huge ancient shoes to serve Emperor once again. The time has come. The time... for fun...

A mysterious /tg/ homebrew chapter (perhaps a second founding of the Comedy Marines?), pranking in the name of the Emperor. Weapons include bicycle horns, exploding cigars, rubber chickens, squeaky hammers, and whoopee cushions. They have a special rule which allows them to fit three times as many troops into a vehicle.



For years after the event nobody would believe Garry, Guardsman First Class.

During the Siege of Telephrage when the Ork horde was at it's strongest it seemed all was lost. The trenches were overflowing with corpses and the artillery had long since gone quiet, leaving the Orks free to flood the trenches.

But, as they made their final charge, a miracle happened.

A single drop pod came screaming from the heavens. It was coloured pink and grey, mottled in the bizarre colours. As the hatch fell open a single Marine clambered out.

And then another.
Then another.
Then another.

Fully two hundred marines, all coloured in wild and fanciful motley, some wearing colourful ribbons and others wearing fake plastic glasses and hilarious noses, emerged from the single drop pod.

Over the course of half an hour they waded into the Ork horde, firing bolt-pistols which emitted nothing but a flag with 'BLAM!' written on it and flailing at the orks with rubber grox-hens. Their flamers fired streams of sticky string.

The orks were so put off by the silliness that they had to withdraw.

   --(Doctor-Professor Rightfag)