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"'I care not for laurels, titles, medals, or glory. We serve. That warrants us no reward, and demands from us everything."

Quote attributed to a Silver Cataphract

Silver Cataphracts
Silver Cataphracts Emblem.png
Battle Cry "Let us finish this!"
Number XV
Founding First Founding
Successor Chapters True Sons of the Regent, Seers of Winter
Chapter Master Kharikov
Primarch Alexandri
Homeworld Rosskar
Strength 210,000
Specialty Combined Arms Assault, Heavy infantry gun-line advances, Punitive and retribution campaigns, Extended independent void operations, Joint-action with Auxilia troops.
Allegiance Loyal
Colours Silver, Light Grey, Light Blue

This page details people, events, and organisations from the /tg/ Heresy, a fan re-working of the Warhammer 40,000 Universe. See the /tg/ Heresy Timeline and Galaxy pages for more information on the Alternate Universe.

The Silver Cataphracts are a Loyalist Space Marine Legion, and First Founding Chapter. Once led by the ambitious Primarch Alexandri Ibirien, throughout their history the 15th Legion served without stipulations. Oddly somber for Marines, they hold pessimistic views on the subjects of glory, morality, and battle. In the Great Crusade they were famed for their pragmatic tactics, which saw numerous systems fall under their force of arms. During the Hektor Heresy the Legion defended Terra and were fought down to a mere ten thousand.

Summary of Legion XV[edit]

Numeration: The XVth Legion

Primogenator: Alexandri (also known as "The Regent")

Cognomen (Prior): The Argent

Observed Strategic Tendencies: Combined Arms Assault, Heavy infantry gun-line advances, Punitive and retribution campaigns, Extended independent void operations, Joint-action with Auxilia troops

Noteworthy Domains: The Rosskar System (Primary), nineteen other systems held in tributary fiefdom at the closure of the Great Crusade, unknown number of void outposts and watch stations, including Argentiun Deep and Fort Chimeria.

Alliegence: Fidelitas Constantus

"I ask you this, brother of my Legion. What good is honor compared to one's sworn duty? No man can truly commit himself when obsessed with such a petty notion."

Captain Sergei, Grand Officer of the Legion, M.30

History of the Silver Cataphracts[edit]

Many Legions wear their honors on their sleeves, but not the soldiers of Alexandri. There are no halls of heroes upon Rosskar, there are no weapons named after dead Marines. They are a stoic, solemn breed of Astartes. To them war is a revolting practice that is never to be glorified. All that matters is victory, bringing a swift end to bloodshed. The individual's life means nothing to this goal.

For whatever reason the Silver Cataphract are what they are, stepping towards the front line with stern determination.

Glory of the Argent[edit]

"Let all those who doubt the resolve of my kin face me now, for I shall not allow trespass against them!"

Benjan Tore, responding to criticism towards the Argent's decision to defend a convoy of refugees

The Illustrious Beginnings of the 15th Legion, the 15th Squad of the Sacred Band

The Fifteenth Squad of the Sacred Band under Hektor Cincinnatus was given some of the first armored vehicles available to the Space Marines, along with the Ninth. The unit was entrusted during the Pacification of the Merican Hives to subdue the Hive Neya'yrk. The Imperial Forces had been thrown onto the defenses of Man-Han Plateau seeing no progress for their efforts, until the Fifteen arrived. A column led by Dona Acesson assaulted through the dried up valley between Imperial Lines and the plateau itself. While taking the brunt of the fire, allied troops were able to rally forming a spear that pierced into the enemy lines and did not stop till the Syndic of Neya'yrk was cast down following their full capitulation. This display of gallant behavior cemented the qualities the future Legion would be renowned for throughout their history. Driving determined into the battle with little regard for their own lives. Heavy, some would say unnecessary losses were suffered due to this selfless charging attitude but it brought results. Quick, decisive results.

The members of the Fifteenth Squad.

  • [Donal Acesson], The Unyielding.
  • [Basil Zereth], Bringer of Devastation.
  • [Barotius Maksson], The First of the Argent.
  • Byk[Benjen Tore], Strongest of The 15th.
  • Galash[Herbant Rell], the Witch Without Guidance.
  • Mikhail[Callandar Kan], The Render of Neya-'yrk Hive.
  • Nomenir[Art Toune], Poet of the Resolved.
  • [Bertran Guesclion], the Dreaded Wraith.
  • [Randil], Brother to Hektor.
  • Veshnyak[Varc Sarr], the Remorseless Raider.

Some names are those the Marines were born with or had taken up before coming to Rosskar. Non-Rosskan names are listed in brackets.

Discovery of Alexandri[edit]

"Imagine our disappointment when we learned this place was our home."

Grand Officer of the Legion, Sergei

Alexandri Ibirien

The momentary joy of their Primarch's discovery died shortly upon arrival to Rosskar. The 15th Legion were not welcomed to this place with open arms but armed suspicion. The Legion was hastily split up in divisions of one hundred Marines. Each of these were placed in secure locations across the planet. At each holding area the Marines were outnumbered one to a thousand by Kuzgetan Troops, to swiftly put down any possible rebellion. But a few broken apart in groups of ten, then interrogated or tested in horrific ways by Alexandri himself. These Marines found themselves preforming acts unimaginable before to prove their loyalty to him. The knightly, stoic leaders of the Legion were removed as to permit no rival from forming a bloc of resistance to his rule.

As this happened, the larger segments of the Legion were taught Rosskan culture and language. Periodically being sent out into the snow to combat the mega-fauna of the planet as training. These outings would allow them to see how the common people regarded them, with little fascination or amazement totally unlike they had experienced before. After a few months however, Alexandri was assured that he could trust the Astartes. The camps were disbanded, the Legion formed up proper with thirty thousand neophytes chosen from the population to serve as potential Marines and Legionary Serfs.

Alexandri renamed them after an ancient legend from Rosskar, that told of Star-Riders who would save the people from this frozen abyss. Their names were the Cataphracts, drifting down on beams of silver-starlight. He found it amusing to rename his Legion after the myth.

After the adoption of the new title, new systems were introduced into the Legion. Every Marine would have an allowance of three misdeeds or misconduct. Losing equipment, friendly fire, losing ground, falling back, all of these and more were considered offenses of an equal caliber. Once a Marine committed a fourth mistake, they would be summarily executed by the nearest, highest ranking officer. All Legionnaires from the commanders to the line infantry would be held by this unquestionable protocol. It was dehumanizing, crushing the virtuous spirit of the Argent with its cold brutality. Even if some cautioned against the wasting of Marine lives, Alexandri responded by saying 'we can always make more'. No longer was their deaths filled with glory and sacrifice, but merely punishment for error.

One year after arriving to Rosskar, the Argent had been forever changed. Rosskans and Rosskan culture altering many facets of the formation. The 15th Legion was firmly in the hands of Alexandri, who had made them in his own image. A force he could trust to fully expand the interests of the Emperor's Imperium.

The Great Crusade[edit]

The Silver Cataphracts launched out from Rosskar in all directions. Wherever they went, victory followed, regardless of the cost. The Imperial Army was utilized in new, unheard of ways being integrated into the Legion's planetary assaults heavily. The Armymen were given a greater share of glory and battle than normally permitted, and they were seamlessly incorporated into the Silver Cataphracts' organization.

The whole Imperium was soon hearing of the infamous 15th Legion reborn anew. They did not stop conquering for an instant, always moving from one target to the next and establishing strongholds. They would use anything within their means to achieve victory, no matter how cruel or vile it would appear. Once upon the world of Stephos II, the Legionnaires dragged civilians out from their homes to murder publicly. This was done in sight of an enemy fortress, to compel its defenders towards surrender. On the bastion planet of Garait, the Silver Cataphracts threatened to level entire continents with their fleet in orbit. Their reputation for slaughter grew beyond the borders of the Emperor's Realm. Some stories are told of rulers surrendering their titles the moment it was known that Silver Cataphracts were attacking.

Those who did not follow this example would envy these wise individuals.

Due to the machinations of their Primarch, a constant supply of weapons, warmachines and recruits always allowed for the Legion not only to function but rapidly grow and expand.

Notable Engagements

865.M30: Razing of Leshmiere. Veshnyak and Alexandri arrive to the world of Leshmiere with defiant pride in their closely knit realm of two systems united in purpose. The Silver Cataphracts purposefully leave the place a ruin, and send out the survivors in all corners of the galaxy to tell the story of their failure.

996.M30: The Campaign Of Astral Woe. The Lenard Depths Campaign was a grand undertaking preformed by the Silver Cataphracts and the Mastodontii Legions. Beginning out strong the campaign ended with tensions running high between the Cataphracts and the Mastodontii.

The Hektor Heresy[edit]

The Scouring[edit]

Legion Doctrine[edit]


I'm out of ammo? I draw my sidearm. Empty? My grenade. No grenade? I charge.

-A Cataphract Saying

The Silver Cataphracts doctrine was designed to maximize damage upon the enemy, minimize their own losses, and be as quick as possible in the process. To this effect, the Legion incorporated strategies and tactics others would deem beneath them. Normally the Cataphracts would unleash artillery, then follow up with a rapid deployment of infantry supported by armored vehicles. Artillery would then switch from pure saturation to organized, responsive support for the main push. The use of Whirlwind vehicles facilitated this, as the rocket platforms are capable of both rapid deployment and long range barrage. Other mobile elements such as the effective Storm Eagle Assault Gunship fills the dual role of fire support and transport. Sometimes even planetary bombardment would be used in conjunction with active surface invasion, if it was deemed necessary.

This reliance on artillery would make the 15th appear cowardly to their brethren, but it allowed them to deal devastating damage to their foes before even being seen. True controversy came with their integration of the Imperial Army in their combat actions. Gaps in an infantry assault would be plugged with regiments of Armymen. These forces would be used as a buffer from counterattacks, allowing the Cataphracts to regroup as their allies took the brunt of the damage. Sometimes certain Legionnaire commanders would have the attached Army forces push alongside Marine elements in a full frontal attack. This would invariably lead to systemic damage across the formations, but allow the Cataphracts to bring to bear even more numbers.

Even without artillery, or Imperial Army forces, the Silver Cataphracts were formidable foes. Due to a complete lack of self-interest the Marines would not falter even when it was certain defeat was in sight. The regimented, strict lives designed to remove any trace of the individual kept them focused on matters at hand. If a brother fell, no one would pause, or even so much as respond. The elitist nature of the Legion pushed Marines to better themselves, as it was about the only honor and status they could keep. How effective you were on the battlefield almost determined everything.

Legion Organization[edit]

"Why did this have to get so damn complicated?"

Veshnyak, 3rd Army Group Commander

Due to the nature the Silver Cataphracts, they prided themselves on being organized and orderly in warfare. Several formations deviating from the normal layout were produced, based on actual effectiveness rather than neat division. The main fighting unit was the Army, led by an Army Commander. Army Commanders had to prove themselves personally to the Primarch in games of skill and intelligence. This was done to show they had the ability to think ahead, and improvise. Army Commanders who would further prove themselves would then be reevaluated again, and if they were found worthy, would be promoted to an Army Group Commander.

There was only ever two Overseers of Operation, but towards the beginning of the Heresy a rumor persist of a third Overseer planned to be promoted. This never came to fruition to the difficulties of organizing anything during the Hektor Heresy. The Overseer was the single most important Marine in the Legion. They were responsible for leading the Legion as a whole if the Primarch was disposed personally leading the Legion. They were also responsible for ensuring Imperial Army Regiments were attached to Silver Cataphracts formations.

Though the relationship between the Cataphracts and their Army allies was tense, the Rosskan Strelky never faltered in their responsibilities. Commonly the Strelky Regiments would be permanently integrated to certain formations, rebuilt even after total destruction. This would allow for a sense of consistency to permeate certain Army formations of the Legion. An unintended side effect of this organizational preference for the Strelky would create veteran forces adept at working side by side with Astartes forces.

Specialist Ranks[edit]

The Witchborn

A young Witch of Rosskar, apprenticed to Galash

Alexandri realized what Psykers were and how to use them immediately after taking control of his Legion. Through his purges of the Rosskan Covens the Primarch had complete familiarity with the capabilities of Psykers. The Argent's capable Psykers were shamed by the knightly order, but one of the few groups readily embraced by their gene-father. Reorganized into specialist units, the Witchborn proved their loyalty thrice fold. The few surviving Witches on Rosskar were recruited by these Astartes warlocks, trained by them to augment their own sorcerous strength. The Council of Nikaea banned this practice, with the Witches sent back to the homeworld while the Witchborn were disbanded as a formation.

The Heresy would change everything. The Witchborn were placed with greater importance than ever before, with whatever Witches who could be called up on short notice sent to Terra. This would prove invaluable against the Traitor's Psyker might and summoned Daemons. Reports have supposedly said that some Witchborn summoned up their own Daemons to combat the others, relying on winged beasts to serve them. If this is true, it could damn the entire Legion. However Galash and all of the Witchborn and the Witches would somehow disappear at the beginning of the Scouring. It has been theorized that Alexandri hid them throughout the galaxy, or within his own Legion, to save them from prosecution. Whatever the case, the fate of this formation has never been found out.

The Huscarls

Due to the lack of Assault Marines in the Legion, Byk of the Sacred Band took it upon himself to forge ahead with an elite core of capable close combatants. Wielding massive adamantium tower shields and crackling power axes, the Huscarls saved the Legion many times when their usual tactics would fail them. Rigorously would the Huscarls train, battling themselves in sometimes day long sparing matches in which they would use fake practicing axes but wear full equipment otherwise. They were both the backbone of the Legion. A line to fall back upon, or pin the enemy in place while they were ripped to shreds by their brothers.

The Huscarls preformed best when inserted onto the battlefield via mechanized transport or by aerial means. Without this their combat effectiveness greatly diminishes. During the Hektor Heresy, their presence saved multiple ships from Traitor boarding actions.

The Cosmonauts

Void Warfare specialists

The Reformers

Think Dark Angels Dreadwings.

Organization Breakdown

The following is an overview of all Legionary divisions during the Great Crusade and Heresy. These formations acted mostly independent of one another during the Great Scouring, however.

  • Joint Strategic Battlegroup (Entire Legion, all Imperial Army Regiments Available), led by a Grand Officer of the Legion.
  • Army Group (30,000 Marines, Seven Hundred Regiments of Imperial Armymen), led by a Group Commander.
  • Army (15,000 Marines, Three to Four Hundred Regiments of Imperial Armymen), led by an Army Commander
  • Battalion (7,500 Marines, One to Four Hundred Regiments of Imperial Armymen), led by a Junior Army Commander.
  • Battle Company (1,000 Marines, One Hundred Regiments of Imperial Armymen), led by a Captain.
  • Company(500 Marines, Four Companies of Imperial Armymen), led by a Lieutenant.
  • Assault Squad(50 Marines, Ten Platoons of Imperial Armymen), led by a Praporshchik(Senior Sergeant).
  • Battle Squad(10-20 Marines, Five Platoons of Imperial Armymen), led by a Sergeant.

The Army would be a common formation, spread out among several Expedition Fleets working in concert with one another. The Army Groups were formations designed to tackle particularly daunting enemies. Such as sector spanning stellar empires that would require significant portions of the Silver Cataphracts to attack. The Legion would try to stay together as much as possible when deployed, as Alexandri never wanted his forces to be weakened by being flung across the void.

Legion Equipment[edit]

If it's broke, don't talk about it.

-Cataphract Motto

The Silver Cataphracts prefer ranged weaponry above all else. Some Squad Sergeants of the Legion prefer to forgo the usual armament of melee weaponry, choosing instead to use a simple bolter. The Captains almost never engage their foes in pitted close combat either, focusing all their attention on leading and directing the Marines under their charge. Huge vox-modules can be seen attached to each Captain, along with a vast array of grenades and pistols. The pistols are of many kinds and types, each suited to different foes commonly encountered. Specialized auto-stubbers for the unamored, plasma pistols for heavy foes, and Inferno pistols for the truly remarkable opponents.

It is the responsibility of the individual Marine to keep his equipment maintained. Some are even able to make small modifications to it with a supervision of a Techmarine. Many have created small improvements, usually pertaining to individual's preferences. It was encouraged by Legionary Officers to allow their soldiers to loot anything they desired from vanquished foes. This was done to bolster the array of arms to bear, as well as lessen logistical strain on the Legion as whole. It is common for Silver Cataphracts successor Chapters to loot equipment from the battlefield, in accordance to their old Legionary traditions.

This usually leads to minor amounts of xeno-tech to be added to the armoury, which is only tolerated because normally the Cataphracts can be trusted to always hand them over if the Inquisition desires so. As long as this unspoken understanding exists, they are able to keep their spoils. For a time.


One of the strongest fleets, supplemented by extensive network of void fortresses and vigil stations built by the Legion from early years of Crusade and Alexandri even more expanded it. During the Heresy, these powerful bulwarks greatly hindered traitors advance.

Notable Members[edit]

Here is a list of all crucial characters of the Fifteenth Legion.


In the days of the Argent, the Legion was founded on the ideals of brotherhood, fraternity, and sacrifice. Following knightly ideals, the Legion prided themselves on bringing quick victories through armored assault crushing all opposition in their wake. Celebrations of mighty achievements were the norm with lavish feasts. The effectiveness of the Legion was marred by a compelling sense to race to the defense of citizens and hold back when striking at enemy civilians. Even respect was given to Xenos enemies who could prove themselves worthy opponents. All of this passed into faded memory for the majority of the Legion once the Argent met their Primarch.

The way of the Silver Cataphracts is to accept the loss of one's self. The elimination of an individual, and an acceptance that death is inevitable. At any time, any one can die, for any reason. Even the Emperor.

Alexandri instinctively distrusts psycho-indoctrination, a process in which memories and thoughts are implanted in a short period into the mind of an aspirant. This allows for recruits to be trained with years of experience in a fraction of the time. However, gaps can arise as well memory loss before the process. The Silver Cataphracts focus on intensive training on their Homeworld of Rosskar, sending their prospective recruits through rigorous trials on its surface. The process is costly, and many of the aspirants sent through sometimes are not even compatible. Legionary Serfs are of exceptional quality in the Legion, and handily capable of serving beside the Marines.

The apprehension to psycho-indoctrination means it takes far longer to create a Silver Cataphract compared to other Legions.

Gene-seed and Successors[edit]

From the days of the Argent, to the end of the Silver Cataphracts as a Legion and onto the the forty-first millennium through a singular mutation in the geneseed has persisted. This is a peculiar aging effect that takes hold of the Marines. Rather than keeping youthful appearances for centuries, they rapidly age until a certain point where they will remain fixed at. Not aging a day more, appearing so until they die even from natural causes or serving in the field. Marines from this gene-stock resemble human males around the age of fifty, or sixty. It is a common practice across all successor Chapters to grow out long facial hair.

The Silver Cataphract Successors are notable for keeping in contact with the worlds surrounding their fortress-monasteries and recruiting worlds. Imperial Organizations have been assisted multiple times by Chapters hailing from the Silver Cataphracts, keeping good relations for the purposes of executing their duties in defense of the Imperium. The Inquisition in particular shares many views with the dour descendants of Alexandri. This has the sons of other lineages regarding them as lap-dogs for the dreaded organization. Necessity dictates cooperation with them, disregarding the opinions of more honorable Astartes.

Notable Successors[edit]

  • Mechanist Warriors were created from a Chapter sized formation relying primarily on bikes. These Marines were known by the Legion as some of the wildest soldiers of Alexandri. Not wishing to break apart such a phenomenal group, Sergei ensured they would all be put into the same Chapter during the Second Founding.
  • True Sons of the Regent were established from of the most loyal Marines to the Primarch. Made to contain these zealous, irrational souls from contaminating the other Chapters. The Marines would encapsulate an almost worship of Alexandri, leading them to becoming renegade as they waged open war on the Ecclesiarchy.
  • Storm Bringers were formed up from those remaining from the Argent, this Chapter dedicated themselves to the path set down by their spiritual liege Bohemond. Taking his doctrine to heart, they bring thunder from the heavens upon their enemies.
  • Waste Walkers were made from those in the Silver Cataphracts who could no longer function as they once did due to the horrific atrocities of the Hektor Heresy. They numbered only a hundred Marines during the Second Founding but still survive into the Forty-First Millennium.

Colors of Select Silver Cataphracts Successors

Alexandri, Primarch of The Silver Cataphracts[edit]

In summing up the life of Alexandri of Rosskar, it is right to judge him by his own standards - not out of sentiment, but because he viewed the galaxy soberly and correctly. Alexandri was not concerned with the love of the people, nor with gentleness and compassion. His whole existence was bound up with the struggle for Order, the only hope for mankind. Those who fret over the casualties of his campaigns miss the point. For every death caused by Alexandri's commands, a thousand more were saved.

If every general had done so much, we could lay down our arms and live in peace.

(Excerpt from Gaspard Lumey's Alexandri of Rosskar)

Alexandri of Rosskar was the austere but ruthless primogenitor of the Silver Cataphracts. He rose up to the nobility of Rosskar, serving loyally to its King until he was betrayed. In action he focuses on an pragmatic approach to life, always favoring the many over the few. He met his end by an assassin's bullet, after being weakened by a warp-bomb detonated by Sebastion Rex.

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