Silver Templars

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Silver Templars
Silver Templars Armorial.png
Battle Cry Focus and Fury!
Founding Ultima Founding
Successors of Ultramarines
Chapter Master Akilios Zanaris
Primarch Roboute Guilliman
Homeworld Novaris
Strength Unknown
Specialty Duelling
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Silver with black trim, chest guard, and left poleyn with yellow inner pauldrons and aquila

The Silver Templars are yet another Ultramarines Primaris successor chapter. Though this one stands apart a bit more as they are more inclined towards duelling and daring, rather than tactics and discipline. One of their strike cruisers had a run-in with Mad Dok Grotsnik and his warband, and the dok captured some the marines alive for... something.

Also a great mystery is why a Smurfs successor has a name, color scheme and culture more fitting of a Imperial Fists one. Did some memos got switched at GW? Ironic but not unusual, as the Ultramarines draw from strong knightly traditions owing to the powerful houses of Macragge. Silver Templars are more of a throwback to very old school Ultramarines.

Silver Templars Sourcebook[edit]

The Silver Templars received a rather disappointing "sourcebook". It took the form of a forty-eight page, hardcover artbook, which was automatically included in a subscriber's monthly subscription of the "Warhammer: Conquest" painting line for an additional £20 (about $24 in USD) -- i.e. a subscriber had to call and cancel if they didn't want to be charged for the additional content. Shady business practices aside, the book contained generic lore for the chapter and examples of the chapter's structuring and paint-scheme but no solid rules or datasheets to differentiate them from their Ultramarine forebears, meaning anyone with an internet connection and a half-way decent understanding of the Google search function could save themselves the £20. Fortunately the people in charge of the whole debacle allowed those who felt duped by the obvious cash grab to apply for a refund.

Index Astartes: Silver Templars[edit]

The Silver Templars now have their own rules, as of White Dwarf Issue 456. The issue includes "...a new Chapter Tactic, two Relics, three Warlord Traits and a pair of Stratagems unique to the Silver Templars!" according to a Warhammer Community Article posted on GW's community page. The issue also includes a painting guide, if you missed out on the sourcebook.

Daily Rituals[edit]

06:00- Wake-up: The Silver Templars arise from their beds. Chapter Serfs work tirelessly to ensure that all swords are available for training.

07:00- Morning Prayer: The Silver Templars gather to pray. They pray for the ability to duel honorably and to slice and dice their opponents with ease. The Chaplain reminds the chapter that the Emperor duelled once, so it must honor him to do as he did.

08:00- Morning Firing Rites: The Silver Templars take turns aiming pistols at targets. Any battle brother caught attempting to practice with a Black Powder Pistol is forced to spend the rest of the day dual wielding Power Fists.

09:00- Morning Battle Practice: The Silver Templars draw their swords and practice dueling against each other. Scouts and Neophytes, due to their lesser training, are permitted to use combat knives instead. Any battle brother who does not show honor whilst dueling is transferred to the Hellblaster Squads for a month.

11:00- Midday Meal: The Silver Templars set aside their swords and gather in the great hall in order to eat a decent meal. Whilst the Templars are relaxing, Chapter Serfs work tirelessly to polish, clean, and help repair any damaged swords or bladed weapons. The chapter laugh and make fun of the marines attempting to eat with the power fists.

12:00- Tactical Indoctrination: The Silver Templars gather to study the best sword fights and techniques known. While the Emperor's duel with Horus is popular, others include the first six films of ancient epic called Star Wars, as well as a popular series of Pirate films called "Pirates of the Caribbean". Studying Custodes is controversial, but the younger officers insist it is for the best.

15:00- Afternoon Firing Rites: The Silver Templars once again practice their dueling skills with pistols. Battle Brothers seeking Promotions usually will have to Fire a Supercharged Plasma Pistol. If they survive, they are immediately given a new sword and pistol. Using a Grav Pistol is forbidden by penalty of being transferred to the artillery division.

16:00- Afternoon Battle Practice: The Silver Templars practice their dueling skills against combat servitors. They form line formations and honorably smite the servitors. On rare occasion, the chapter Howling Banshee Exarch may be brought forth. Any Battle Brother who defeats her in single combat is immediately given the honor of showing her his "sword" and permitted to hold the chapter standard. Any battle brother who fails is transferred to the Lamenters, assuming he isn't dead.

18:00- Evening Feast: A great meal is consumed. Servitors and Serfs bring forth all manner of food and drink. Due to the size of the meat, and as a way of continuing to hone their way of bladecraft, meat may only be consumed by using combat knives. Things get especially interesting on "Soup Saturdays".

20:00- Evening Prayer: The Chapter gathers to thank the Emperor for a productive day's work. The Chaplain applauds the chapter for their excellent work, then berates them for not being as good as he is. Any battle brother who has the balls to point out the Chaplain doesn't even use a sword is given a purity seal before receiving a swift kick in the codpiece.

21:00- Free Time: The Silver Templars perform fun activities. Some may challenge each other to duels with pistols or swords. The chapter Lava pit is made available in order to reenact a particularly good duel from one of the aforementioned space epics. Others may forge swords or play Paradox-Billiards-Vostroyan-Roulette-Fourth Dimensional-Hypercube-Chess-Strip Poker.

23:00- Bedtime: The Silver Templars polish their Dueling weapons before going to bed. Any non-dueling weapons are tossed to servitors to maintain.


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