Simple D6 character abdul al hamid

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Modern character for Simple d6[edit]

Abdul was born in a wealthy family near Baghdad. He spent his childhood being taught the Quran, the words of the Prophet Mohammed and the pillars on which he would later base his life.

Neither Abdul, nor his family were ever really religious and they were actively fighting against the local terrorist cells because they were a serious threat to the local economy on which the Al Hamid family depended.

One day, the local warlord and his men came to the house. They killed the servants and the animals and caught the family in the cellar as prisoners to be bargained with.

The Americans did not bargain.

The last thing Abdul remembered was an ear sundering roar of engines followed you an immense blast of flames, rocks and debris. When he woke up, it was night. He looked around and saw his childhood home in ruins and his family lay dead along the ruins together with the warlord and his soldiers.

The Americans had just bombed the house without regard for Abdul or his family! Abdul was enraged and filled with a feeling of betrayal. He and his family had supported the Americans for all these years and actively supported them and this was the pay he would get?

Four months later, Abdul looked out of the gate of the freedom rebels camp where he had been in training. It was time. His superior officer shouted out the final orders and Abdul hang the Kalashnikov by the shoulder. It was time to move out against the filthy American pigs. Time for revenge.

  • Hit Points: 5
  • Defense: 1
  • Defense – Combat: 2
  • Quality: Survivalist no Matter the Cost
  • Skills: Rifles, Wilderness Survival, Explosives, Killing Traitors