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Scifi/cyberpunk character for Simple d6[edit]

Educated in one of the thousands of 'Guidance Facilities' spread across the planet, Dmetriev was just another number in the system. Average in nearly every respect, he lived just as any other unexceptional child would until the age of fourteen, when he discovered the handwritten family logs. A recording of history dating well before the Revolution, the papers had been arranged into a tome by his great grandfather, hand bound and hidden in the subcellar of the home his family had lived in for six generations under the Republic since, according the tome, his ancestors were religious fugitives.

He had been indoctrinated for ten years by the system, the education, the Youth Leagues of Rakarskia, but his beliefs had been challenged the day of the discovery, and over two years he read portions of the text. He began to raise tough questions in his classes, citing information and events that had been buried for nigh on centuries. Teachers became alarmed quickly at the tendencies of Dmetriev, and reported the instances to the authorities. But the teen caught wind of the deceptions and read the tome ferociously, shirking the Youth League musters to finish before it was found and seized. The last entry was the most curious, and changed his outlook on his childhood. It was made by his mother, the second and last entry made by her on the day of his birth. It stated the event, and his name, and the promises she made to her own mother for the child. He will be different, it said, I will not let him become a statistic, not like the others.

Two days later the Inquisitors came in the early morning, three of them in a single black car. They spoke little, and Dmetriev was only awakened by the gunshots as several of the other farm workers tried to escape into the surrounding fields. One of the Inquisitors remained inside the house standing over the body of the family dog as he screamed questions at Dmetriev's parents, so ingrained in his work that he didn't hear Dmetriev slip out the door. As the teen started up the Car he heard the shouted warning of his indoctrinated father and the sobs of his mother, and as he sped away he was pursued by bullets. He ran. He had to get out of there - away from the pursuers

  • Hit Points: 5
  • Hit Points - Combat: 7
  • Defense: 1
  • Quality: Inquisitive and Curious
  • Skills: Self Defense, Pistol Use, Revolution History, Handyman