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His voice is like wine. Evil wine.

"All power demands sacrifice... And pain. The universe rewards those willing to spill their life's blood for the promise of power."

– Sindri in Dawn of War


– Vince McMahon (plus Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler)

Sindri Myr, commonly known as SSSSSSIIIIINNNNNDDDRRRRRIIII, was a Chaos sorcerer of the Alpha Legion and a notorious jackass. He betrayed the bulk of his warband and manipulated a Blood Ravens Librarian in order to obtain the Maledictum and ascend to Daemonhood. His ascension to Daemonhood was short-lived - cut short by Gabriel Angelos - but daemons are essentially immortal, so he'll probably be back eventually (although the Daemon of the Maledictum listed Sindri as a sacrifice, which means it consumed his Daemonic essence, permanently destroying him, although considering its Sindri aka the arch-sneaky jackass he probably had a backup soul to force feed the daemon).

He is well-known for his chillingly calm voice, which all but oozes evilness (except when he tries to shout; then he sounds like a pussy), and the hilarious, often sarcastic dialogue he has with Lord Bale, a level of awesomeness that no Chaos Sorcerer since has managed to replicate (ever since they changed the voice-actor in Winter Assault for reasons best-left nebulous). He is also known for being yet another example of Relic fucking up Fluff, as Sindri invokes Khorne several times (and Khorne despises sorcerers) and the Daemon who is freed by him ultimately is a greater daemon of Khorne. This is something that would be repeated in Winter Assault.

However, he probably honors all of them due to being Chaos Undivided.


Sindri, along with Lord Bale, sought to gain a powerful artifact called "The Maledictum" (A stone imprisoning a Khornate Daemon), located on the planet Tartarus. Being a cunning and manipulative planner (And also using the Alpha Legions tactics of stealth and guerilla warfare), he found it more tactical to hide in the shadows while their pawns, The Orks, distracted the Imperial Forces from noticing them. He constantly had to cope with Bale's bitching, mistreatment and constant threats while he carefully planned to get the Maledictum. He eventually got the key and, later on, betrayed Bale to the Blood Ravens (This was the origin of the cry of SINDRIIIIIIII, that which would later become a meme). He also was able to corrupt the Librarian Isador after constant tempting from visions (Who was then killed by Gabriel Angelos). He finally ascended as a Daemon Prince , though it was, as stated above, short lived after Gabriel smashed his face (and subsequently the Maledictum) with a Daemon Hammer. While this would normally mean he was banished back to the warp, dialogue from the daemon sealed in the Maledictum after it was freed indicates that it took him as a sacrifice like it did everything else that died on Tartarus.

About Sindri[edit]

Sind'aw Myr.

He displays the usual traits of a Chaos Sorcerer (regardless of Chaos God affiliation): He is intelligent, cunning, manipulative, arrogant and has a constant thirst for greater power. Not to mention an incredibly smooth voice. No, seriously, Scott McNeil really hit the conniving evil sorcerer right on target. He is also shown to be very calm and laid back, even when enemies are closing in. He is also very patient and doesn't lose his temper (Though he does become very annoyed with Bale after obtaining the Maledictum). He is an oddity amongst Chaos Sorcerers because he seems to worship Khorne (Very, Very, Very odd, considering that Khorne hates and distrusts Sorcerers, to the point where he'd kill one outright if one tries to offer a sacrifice to him) Sindri is armed with a Bedlam Staff (A Tzeentchian Daemon Weapon from the previous edition), which steadfastly marks him as an Undivided Sorcerer. This is unusual as Bale appears to be a Nurgle Lord (armed with a Manreaper), though given the fact that Relic at that time has handled fluff about as well as a certain Irish midget, we should be thankful they're not all armed with Multilasers

In addition, it's worth noting that Bale's warband did not feature a single cult unit among its ranks and made use of both Tzeentchian and Khornate daemons. So it's likely that Bale and Sindri were followers of Chaos Undivided, with Sindri spouting Khornate lines only because the Daemon of the Maledictum he sought to free was itself Khornate. Had it been a Keeper of Secrets or Lord of Change stuck in there, he probably would have rattled off the catchphrases specific to the Dark Prince or the Architect of Fate. It is also worth noting that Inquisitor Toth stated that the Maledictum drove men to madness with visions of fighting and bloodshed. It wouldn't have mattered if Sindri was leaning towards Tzeentch or Undivided as the Daemon was enough to corrupt men to the service of Khorne regardless if he was a sorcerer or not.

Opportunism with regards to which god is honored is quite common among the more lucid yet secular followers of Chaos Undivided. If you want/need to appease Khorne for something, you say Khornate phrases and kill things in an angry and bloody way. If you need to appease Tzeentch, you start rattling off "just as planned" and work to enact great change. Nurgle? Get out the phrase book and spread the joy of necrosis. Slaanesh? Time for some extreme fun to be had/Eldar sacrificing. You don't commit to any god, but instead juggle around offerings and what not to get what you want. Of course, if you're not careful this turns you into a Fury after you die but it's Chaos, you could become a Daemon Prince or a Thing-that-shalt-not-be-named, you play your chances and hope you roll well.

In any case, it was less Khorne he was trying to appeal to and more the Daemon of the Maledictum; whom he ultimately really just wanted because the energies used in binding it could let him attain daemonhood. He only wanted to make bloody sacrifices to Khorne and ceaseless conflict because that was the fastest way for him to get access to the energies of the artifact and attain immortality as a Daemon Prince of chaos undivided. The goal wasn't ceaseless bloodshed for the sake of ceaseless bloodshed with daemonhood really only being a means to more such bloodshed like Kyras, the goal always was to become a big bad daemon and never have to worry about dying.

That or the Daemon's influence was affecting Sindri as well making him Khornate by simply being near it. It did it to the rest of Tartarus, according to Inquisitor Mordecai Toth, so why not Sindri? (Presumably, because he was around during the Horus Heresy which is implied by his ancient gear and knowledge about the Maledictum, so he's had a lot of experience dealing witn Chaotic influence thus more resistant to the daemon's crazy powers)

Until Macha, Angelos, and Toth killed him and the Daemon he had sought to use simply devoured him like everyone he had fed to it in his quest for power. In a sense, the ultimate irony is that despite being a master manipulator; Sindri himself was outplayed by the forces he wanted to exploit and just as he had thrown his Lord's warband, an Ork WAAAGH!, Guardsmen, Space Marines, and Eldar at the Daemon to fuel his ascension by stealing the Maledictum's power, he himself was turned into nothing but fuel for the Daemon's own plans.


  • If a Chaos Lord or anyone of high-rank is betrayed by a second in command, the correct term would be "Sindri'd". You may also pronounce it as "Sindri...SIIIIIIINDRIIIIII!-'d"
  • It could be argued that he's as awesome as Ahzek Ahriman (Chaos Sorcerer of the Thousand Sons). AHZEK...AAAAAAHZZEEEEEEK!
  • Sindri appears to have made a pact with Slaanesh for his voice, considering it's a lot smoother and more seductive than the other Sorcerers found in the expansions. It is theorized that he can turn any woman, pious or commoner, into a heretic by simply speaking, thus it is most fortunate that the sisters of battle were not sent after him.
  • His voice actor is Scott McNeil (MIGHTY IS HE), and his voice style returns in DoWII Chaos Rising for the regular sorcerers, which many heralded as the most awesome thing to happen to Chaos in a video game.
  • His last lines. "Just a moment more damn you...Yes it is UPON US! BEAR WITNESS TO MY ASCENSION!!! GRAAAAAHH!!!" are perhaps the most awesome lines in all of Warhammer history, tied only by Kyras' "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!!! SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!!!! LET THE GALAXY, BURRRRRRN!!!!!!!!"
  • Sindri is the name of a Dorf from Norse mythology.
  • No relation to Myr watsoever.
  • When Sindri turns into a daemon prince, he is MUCH stronger than the version of the unit introduced in Dark Crusade (4 times the health, the model itself is bigger, and his DPS is a good sight better) and is actually stronger than the game's relic units (he's still beatable though, the player will have already those down and not even with the full arsenal the game lets them have, in addition; he only comes out to play after you've slaughtered all his mooks and are bearing down on him with your entire army). So unlike Eliphas, Carron and Thorgar The Blooded One, him turning into a daemon prince is an upgrade and not a downgrade. The others get stuck with turning into a balanced version intended for multiplayer games, while Sindri becomes a campaign exclusive super unit/final boss. Granted, we don't know how strong he was before that because he doesn't appear in levels before ascending, but we can safely assume.
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