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Hellloooo Nurse! ( The eye augmentation was not intentional, she just got an itch there and forgot about the hand.)
An Imperium we can all believe in! Yes they are that cute in the fluff too.

The Sisters Hospitaller is one of the non-militant orders of the Adepta Sororitas. Rather than warrior-nuns, the Sister Hospitaler are nurses and medics. According to James Swallow's work they do get basic battle training (all members of the Sororitas multiple Orders get it), but nothing too fancy. Presumably like the Swiss Army then, technically cooks and accountants CAN shoot just don't expect them to do it well. the Bolter Bitches get all the good guns and the gals who like said guns while the other Orders get those that aren't as keen on purging heretics in flames, and that's how all the branches seem to like it.

Hospitallers usually travel to worlds that are in dire need for medical aid, and also tag along with their militant counterparts to dangerous warzones to keep them patched up. Some lucky worlds have charity hospitals run by them (The Imperium can do charity? Amazing!).

They can be bad ass too if forced to be. Dark Heresy 2nd Edition has a story where a planet is overrun by Nurgle, with the local Hospitallers having to break their way out to report it, and it's up to an Inquisitor and his retinue to destroy the daemon prince at the core (a traitor guardsman who caused the mess when he prayed for salvation from a plague). The Hospitallers accompany and fight alongside them, with their faith providing a shield against the diseased air that would otherwise be an instant kill.

Sometimes a Sister Hospitaller is taken in to a Inquisitorial Acolyte team. They're excellent at torture and interrogation, as many are trained in medical knowledge of xenos as well. Most of them would still rather prefer healing other loyal servants of the Imperium. This gives them a duality of being like benevolent angels to Imperial servants but a fate worse than death to the Imperium's enemies.

In-Game Stats[edit]

In the grimdarkness of the 41st millennium...there are still pretty nurses to tend your needs. The Emperor Protects!

The original Sister Hospitaller is in the Witch Hunters Codex and is a possible fluff choice for the Chirurgeon inquisitorial henchmen. If taken, the Sister Hospitaller/Chirurgeon grants the Inquisitor the ability to shrug off the first Instant Death result wound taken in a turn, so long as it WASN'T an instant death wound, or an AP close combat weapon, if two are taken, you may ignore the first wound taken no matter the cause. In their current codex, they may be taken as a part of the Sororitas Command Squad, where they add Feel No Pain to the squad.

Sister Hospitaller [Homebrew non-inquisitorial henchmen version]
[HQ Choice but doesn’t take up a HQ slot]
Cost: 30 points
WS: 4 BS: 3 S: 3 T: 3 W: 1 I: 4 A: 2 Ld: 9 Sv: 3+
Unit type: Infantry
Squad 0-1


  • Bolt Pistol
  • Close-combat weapon

Special Rules

  • Independent Character
  • Medic! – A Sister Hospitaller is trained in the finest battlefield first-aid the Imperium can offer. She grants any squad she is attached to the Feel No Pain special Rule

A Sister Hospitaler may choose to:

  • Exchange her bolt pistol and CCW for a bolter: Free
  • Exchange her bolt pistol and CCW for a Eviscerator: 20p

8th Edition[edit]

Medics as a whole got some lovely buffs in the transition to 8th Edition, and Hospitalers were no exception. In fact they got buffed twice. For 35 points they only have a basic Bolt Pistol (S 4 Ap 0) and Surgeon Knife (S User Ap -1) for combat, but their real value is healing. At the end of the Movement phase they can heal D3 Wounds to a model for a unit within 3 inches. If the unit has no wounded models but does have a dead model, they automatically bring that model back to life with one wound remaining. Keep in mind, Space Marine Apothecaries can only bring things back to life on a 4+ (a deliberate limitation, with all the expensive Primaris models running around).

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