Six of Spades: 'Deceiver'

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Six of Spades: Deceiver

Ya ever hear the tale of honest Pete, stranger? No? Well buy me a drink and I'll tell ya sum, 'tis worth it believe you me.

Honest Pete was, well, honest. That young lad didn't even carry a pistol, and was quite a witty one. Town folk loved 'em, you can trust a guy not carrying and Honest Pete was good company. He worked on a ranch herdin an' butcherin cattle. Not much happens often in the town, and you'd rarely see any slugs fly.

Did I mention he lived in Little Mountaintop? No? Dull as 'ell place there, people drinkin an' gamblin ta forget they live there, even the kids there bet with each other how many horses will come in that day, it was that dull. So anyways, Honest Pete was playin some cards, an' winnin everyone's money. No one dares call Honest Pete a cheater, the whole town would be on 'em, so theys all get up and get a drink leavin Honest Pete an the dealer.

They say the dealer started shufflin again, but Pete wouldn't have none of it, sayin he didn't want to take the strangers money, but the dealer replies there's no money. Pete goes along with it, an he draws the 6 of spades. Rumors talk of some dealer gives out cards, and Honest Pete found 'em. Ah, but the story ain't over yet stranger. Ya see Honest Pete doesn't accept the offer, he want no gun ya see.

Yeah, he turned down a bloody card! I can't believe it myself, but that's the kind of guy Pete is.

But, ya see, Honest Pete wasn't so honest. They saw he hesitated before turning the card down. Now what's the dealer do? They say before Pete completely uttered the word 'fold' the dealer noticed his hesitation an' called his name. Well Pete looks up, and they say looked him right in the eye. Pete seems to go all dumb an stiff, unable to break the gaze till the dealer asks him again if he wants the card.

Well that gun Honest Pete didn't want to touch was gone as Pete knew it. It was replaced by a hammer, a hammer with the power of a card. To Honest Pete it was just like his work, holdin that hammer. That's right, he grabbed that hammer as soon as he saw it. They say the dealer changed the card to Pete's liking.

Now youngin this story ain't over yet. People didn't know what that hammer Honest Pete carried around was all about, and things went about all normal like. As I said Little Mountaintop isn't a place one goes for thrills, and it's problem with bandits ain't exactly there, but today wasn't the case. Ya see, cattle can be worth more then gold in some places, and a few rustlers, they grabbed some of the cattle from where Honest Pete worked. He didn't know it was them till they were bragging about it in the saloon after having some wiskey an playin some cards. It's what ya do in that town.

Well this gets Honest Pete all mad like, an he goes up to them from the bar and starts demandin the cattle back. Now there's six of them there rustlers and only one of Pete, so they brandish their slug throwers and tell Honest Pete to back off. With six irons pointed at him he decides it better to comply, an no one of the town really thinks much of it. Then Honest Pete starts talkin really loud to the barkeep.

“Hey, Walter, you got a loose nail here. Let me fix that for you.”

Honest Pete grabs that hammer of his he been carrying along since that day and whack, bangs the hammer on the table. Ya couldn't hear the whack though, cause the sounds of three shots go off right quick. Three of them rustlers fall over dead at the table. Everyone's confused and in shock, but not ol' Pete, he just starts talkin some more.

“Stubborn bastard doesn't want to go in.”

So he hits the table again with another loud whack, and three more of those shots ring out. Now all the rustler's are dead, but the people start to put two and two together and catch on right quick like. They don't know how, but it seemed Honest Pete was the one who did it. People started to fear Honest Pete, an he wasn't so honest anymore. Townsfolk referred to him as the Hammer, since he always carries that hammer with him, and if it's true it's a card then of course he would.

He's still a likable fellow, but the whole town is dead afraid of him. They don't talk to him as much, an they say something changed about Pete.

Now wasn't that worth a drink youngin? Buy me a drink again an maybe I'll have another tale for you about the Hammer.

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