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Skarboyz AKA Skarface are Orkly Orks who have proven their orkliness with the amount of scars on their bodies (Hence their name).


Their so-called title from their impressive battle-scars they invariably bear from their constant fighting means that Skarboyz are therefore veteran Orks that are both respected and feared. They have grown to a fearsome height and their muscles bulge, even for Orks. The ideal "fighting scar" or "dueling scar" is one that runs from the top of the head to the bottom of the jaw, ragged and with the stitches left in. Skarboyz are almost unique to the Goffs Clan, due to the clan's highly aggressive and militaristic nature.

As it is stated, all Skarboyz are Nobz, but not all Nobz are Skarboyz. Due to their respected status, Skarboyz are usually quite rich for Ork standards and are seen lugging around 'eckshpenshif' and 'flash' gunz. Curiously enough, not a lot of Skarboyz wear Mega Armour, this could be due to the fact that a Skarboy depends on his reputation towards the exposing of his Orkly biceps to the elements and, if he got a wound, it would form another scar and another ego-boosting story. A win-win situation. Mega Armor would prevent the Skarboy from getting his namesake anyway so they just ditch it for more conventional armor.

In 8th Edition, Skarboyz & Ardboys are now represented by pre-game upgrade stratagems. A Skarboy changes the strength characteristic of models in this unit to 5. They are exclusive to the Goffs.

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