Skaven Clan Creation Tables

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Very much a work in progress on my part and it is a project that I plan to have expanded to all the fantasy factions.

Clan’s Environment[edit]

Where does the clan call home?(d100)
1-20: Under a human city. This clan lives under a large population of humans. Their wastes and occasional lost individual make for decent food, but special care has to be taken if they want to remain undiscovered. Well, if they want to remain undiscovered.
21-30: A wasteland. This clan has adapted to live where everyone else can't or refuses to do so. Whether this was a ruined land or it was always this way, not it serves as the clan's base of operations.
31-40: Deep in the skaven's tunnel system. This clan never really ventured too far away from the tunnels connecting the underworld, and because of that managed to find a somewhat suitable place to live down there. They may enter in contact with other skaven more frequently than they'd like, but the safety of the dark cannot be overstated.
41-55: On a river. Like a colony of beavers, this clan has found their home in a river, turning the previously pristine waters into a dumping ground for skaven disease and filth. The river's fauna and flora might be dead after the rats arrived, but that just means they have more space for themselves.
56-60: In a desert. This clan has found itself living in the emptiness of a desert. Whether cold or hot, the poor land means they won't have to compete with many for the scarce resources, but that just means the living being actually living there will put up a fight before leaving them be.
61-65 Mountain. This skaven got lost digging and ended up in the middle of a mountain range. Instead of going back, they decided to set up their clan there. Higher altitude means easy defensive positions from the many possible threats lurking, but don't expect to find many flora to feast upon.
66-70: The dire swamps. A place full of mud, disease and mosquitoes might not be an attractive prospect for many, but for this skaven clan this is the closest thing they can call home. From time to time some rat gets sunk into the depths of a mudpit, but what is life without a little risk?
71-75 On a coastline. The smell of salt and a fresh breeze has attracted this clan to the edge of the sea. From this position they can access to the richess of the ocean and the ocasional lost ship following the coastline searching for the closest dock. Be careful, though, as the coast is always plenty full of people, and big storms might be more dangerous than most foes.
76-80: In an abandoned or overrun dwarven city. The bearded men have long ago this place, and the strong constructions and the low light remind this rats to their precious tunnels. This place offers great possibilities, but be careful, as the dwarves don't abandon their homes without reason...
81-85 In the rubble of a human city that they have overrun. The man-things were not as tough as inicially thought, and now their city is for the taking. Plenty of resources to scavange and the occasional slave to eat or work to death.
86-90 Under an elf forest. Somehow, this clan has managed to create their homes hidden from the vigilant gaze of the elves. Now they have to keep the elf-things from discovering them, or just drive them away from the woods.
91-95 The chaos wastes. Many places in this world are as scary and dangerous as the Chaos Wastes, but rats have to make-do with what they can. The corrupting effect of the land doesn't really affect the lifestyle of the skaven, and there's the possibility of plenty of warpstone. That is, of course, if they can keep the chaos-men away.
96-99: Lustria. The lizards and the rats have been enemies for many centuries, and this clan keeps the fighting close to the coldblooded ones. Plenty of things to do in the jungle, but hiding and surviving from the vicious lizardmen may be the most important. Plenty of gold, though, and that can be useful to trade with whatever is stupid enough to make business with rats.
100: Skavenblight. This clan has achieved the incredible after surviving the mad game of of thrones that is skavenblight's polictics. From here the clan possesses disproportionate influence to and attention from all other skaven in the world.

How did the clan rise to its current state of power?[edit]

What is their secret to success? (d10)
1 The clan dragged its way up from the bottom of skavendom without any advantages or luck.
2 The last prominent clan in the area fell apart when this clan successfully betrayed them.
3 The clan stumbled upon something that gave them a distinct advantage.
4 They blackmailed a lord of decay.
5 They hold an important piece of territory.
6 Other skaven clans in the area got wiped out. Leaving only them.
7 Two smaller clans decided to merge themselves into the larger clan we have now.
8 The clan is ruled by a powerful patriarch who rules more effectively then his neighbors.
9 The clan arrived here as skaven colonizers.
10 It's complicated. Roll 3d10 times and disregard rerolled 10s.

Which great clan are they most associated with?[edit]

The clan they're grouped with(d10)
1 They are not associated with any of the four clans.
2-3 Clan Skyre.
4-5 Clan Moulder.
6-7 Clan Pestilens.
8-9 Clan Eshin.
10 They are actually part of the grey seers.

Their relations to this great clan?[edit]

how do the two clans feel about each other?(d10) Don't roll if you got 1 or 10 on the prior table.
1–2 This clan is an offshoot and functionally still part of the parent clan..
3–4 This clan broke away from it's parent clan and they are on good terms with them.
5–6 This clan broke away from it's parent clan and are not on good terms.
7 This clan is independent and are indifferent to each other.
8 This clan is independent and are allied with each other.
9 This clan is an independent rival or on bad terms.
10 They are independent and at war

Strategic Tendencies[edit]

What is the clan's speciality in battle? (d100)
1-10 Melee.
11-20 Ranged
21-30 Magic.
31-40 Swarm tactics (more so than usual)
41-50 War of attrition.
51-60 Hit and run.
61-70 Experimental weapons
71-80 Fighting underground
81-90 Mopping up already broken armies.
91-100 Superweapons.

Loyalty to the Council of Thirteen[edit]

How prepared to serve is the clan? (d10)
1 The council members are just another group of skaven we must scheme around to grow our power. Never in public though, they would crush-crush us if we rebelled like that.
2-4 We'll do what they say, but we only need to follow their commands to the bare minimum.
5-9 We do what they say because they have the authority to say so and the power to punish us if we step out of the lines they set.
10 We must obey the horned rat's chosen at all costs! Death-Death to all who oppose us!