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"Watch me pop a wheelie on these vermin fuckboys!

"The swift charioteers of the king. They who pursue the foes of the sovereign on the day of his awakening."

– Hieroglyphic inscription over the tomb pits of the Skeleton Charioteers of Settra.

If you've ever wondered where chariots came from in the Warhammer world, the answer is typically High Elves. However, the Ancient Nehekharans seem to developed them independently. Being the first humans in the Warhammer world to domesticate horses, the Ancient deserts of Nehekhara would often see formations of spearmen or archers riding on their backs. That was, until Settra got the idea to strap two horses to a carriage and strap a halberd to the front, which not only helped him unite all of the Nehekhara but to move armies much further than he would otherwise have been able to in order to reach them. (This contrasts to our own history where horses weren't introduced to Ancient Egypt until the Hyksos invasion, but whatever.)

Skeleton Chariots are the backbone of any Tomb King's army and are typically their pride and joy. It is not unusual to see a Liche Priest or Tomb King/Prince leading the charge with his entourage of skeletal allies, or to be rallying the troops from behind lines of skeleton warriors, galloping back and forth to cast spells and to keep his men from crumbling.

In a meta-context, the Tomb King's army is based on an actually pretty accurate description of New Kingdom Egyptian military tactics (y'know, apart from the gigantic constructs and monsters, and the fact everyone is dead), and so it definitely makes sense to charioteers here as they were staples of the New Kingdom conquest to as far North as Asia Minor, with the largest chariot battle in history being under Ramesses II (Yes, that Ramesses), against the Hitties at the Battle of Kadesh, which lead to the first peace treaty in history as Ramesses couldn't really take the fortress with chariots nor wait to starve them out, yet the Hitties still being forced to route and unable to counter him on the battlefield, it was consider a strategic draw. Settra being a Warhammer version of Ramesses the Great, it makes sense that his armies and the man, himself, would be so drawn to chariots.

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